Former maid to Adolf Hitler interview

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Former maid to Adolf Hitler interview 4.5
כאן | Elizabeth Kalhammer is now a 92 year old woman. yet she has a secret story in her past. She used to work at Hitler's private estate from 1943 to 1945

KAN | Israeli Broadcasting Corporation reporter - Antonia Yamin interviewed the Former maid to Adolf Hitler - on her life at his private estate

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We are the last generation that will be able to meet these people in person

Author — ViBe RuSh


They still have my (Dutch) opa's fahrrad.... Verdamt mahl!!! 🚲 auf wiedersehen..

Author — Kenneth


wow she literally IS History. Amazing.. and good for her being honest.

Author — Ryan G


When you’re German but still need the subtitles 😂

Author — Larryisreal 28


This woman was a relative innocent at the time and in no way should she be held to account.

Author — Robert Rowland


Does Mrs. Kalhammer know by any chance, if Hitler was delivered a daughter, formerly named Angela...?! Upps.

Author — Clemenza Schwarz


The interviewer wanted to redirect the ladies opinion to another subject, which it seemed unfair to me, but the old lady answer with truly sincerity.

Author — truelokos


she has a bright smile, and appears to be a truly good person.

Author — vidx03


What a juxtaposition to be in. You can see the obvious pride she had in her job, and also the pain for what transpired through his administration.

Author — Ryan Patterson


I applaud her honesty and courage to admit that she was swept up in the movement like most others. A lot of people in and around the Nazi Party were liars after the war. They swore that they never enjoyed it or they never knew what was really going on. This old lady is fully aware of the attacks she could receive for telling the truth. But she tells it anyway. Which is why I don't condemn her. In fact I respect her and am glad that she came forward to tell us this interesting story.

Author — Peter Duffield


This was not the complete nor accurate translation. She had also said: "He was a dirty boy and never put his smelly socks in the hamper and was a bed wetter."

Author — H Xen


the translation is wrong!! she said nothing from ...."It was the first time in my life I wasn't hungry." - she said this was the first time - I ate mushrooms !! - - also lot of other things are - She said that they had fun in the kitchen!! ...this was not translated at all.

Author — Delly Fina


"It was the first time in my life I wasn't hungry" — such a naive and powerful comment.

Author — Piano Piano


My God! This lady is so beautiful, like everyone's Grandma, so honest. I remember my Grandma telling us her stories about that time and they seem so incredible. We have no idea what a great honor it is to have these people with us still. Thanks for making this video.

Author — Bale Monte


That was an answer that wasn’t expected !
What a lovely honest lady who would not be backed into a corner.

Author — bullatthegate


And we see how blind many Americans are now and we have a lot of free press. But a lot of it is censored. Main stream news can't be trusted.

Author — Douglas Brannon


How the interviewer tried to subtlety force a "I regret working for Hitler" is uncanny

Author — Au JW


Great history lesson. Learn from it. Today most young people have no clue what the war was about or when it was. The video is great to study.

Author — Gary Bangle Bangle


if you are blaming this woman for anything - you are obviously sick in the head and that's a fact!

Author — Bul Mnstr


"It was the first time in my life I wasn't hungry." -- that sentence is difficult to hear also

Author — Reagan Speth-Martinez