Former maid to Adolf Hitler interview

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Former maid to Adolf Hitler interview 4.5
כאן | Elizabeth Kalhammer is now a 92 year old woman. yet she has a secret story in her past. She used to work at Hitler's private estate from 1943 to 1945

KAN | Israeli Broadcasting Corporation reporter - Antonia Yamin interviewed the Former maid to Adolf Hitler - on her life at his private estate

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She is honest, and that is admirable. She doesn't approve of what Hitler did. But she had a wonderful time working for him, and she is not going to pretend she didn't.

Author — ABC DEF


People blaming the woman for working for Hitler is the exact reason why she hid this information as a secret for 70 years.

Author — SheLL


She is one of millions of German who had great lives during Hitler's reign, but are too afraid or ashamed to admit it.

Author — matt bardot


"He wouldn't get up before 2 p.m and he wouldn't go to bed before 4 in the morning"
for once, I can kinda relate to Hitler

Author — somewhat_toasty


She was simply surviving. It was either live in a mansion with a secure job and home or continue to not know the feeling of being full from eating. I appreciate her honesty and can tell she’s sincere.

Author — Amby


When a young interviewer, not even alive at the time, asks the completely unrealistic, inapplicable question, "would you do it differently if you could go back, knowing what you know now, " it reveals a total lack of appreciation of the reality of the situation back then, when people were literally just trying to find food so as not to starve. Also, don't forget that even just a mere three years (3!) prior to any military action, Roosevelt, Chamberlain, and the IOC were so charmed with the rebound of Germany and its impressive leader, that they supported his request for the 1936 Olympics and he was awarded it! So, how on earth could anyone ask this lady if she would go back and give up the security of food and shelter, provided by the same man who was given a very public stamp of approval by the leaders of the Western world, and voluntarily return herself to a state of continuous insecurity, hunger and worry of day to day survival? In the 60s we used to reply to such intellectual mumbo jumbo questions: "Hey man, I'm livin in the here and the now! Not in some fantasy world." She was only doing what anyone would have done to survive, and was grateful for the blessing that came her way. To ask if she would go back and not accept the position based on knowledge revealed later, just so that she would never have to admit that she worked for Hitler, is a nonsense question. I wonder if this interviewer would ask the same question of the house servant of Stalin, ie. if she would go back and decline her job offer due to what a monster he turned out to be? What about Hitler's gardener? Should he go back and refuse the work that put food on his children's table? SILLY questions that do not apply.

Author — centerice


That was probably an unfair question to ask her, "Would you turn away?" She was a young poor girl, not even generals and soldiers told Hitler "no." Also, it's unethical to imply she was a contributor to the war in anyway, even an unwitting one. Thank you for telling your story and for "Delly Fina" for correcting the translations. Propaganda everywhere.

Author — Galactic Storyteller


"He wouldn't get up before 2pm, and he wouldn't go to bed before 4 in the morning."

Found that detail to be interesting. Just wish the interview wasn't so obviously biased. We get it, everyone hates Hitler...

Author — A Bad Guy


When your German but can't unterstand a singel word she's saying

Author — Bashir Ahmed


We are the last generation that will be able to meet these people in person

Author — HxnTx


Trying to guilt trip this old woman is disgusting.

Author — Jimbo Jones


Why does she have to regret her life, she was a young kid it wasn’t her fault she had a job offer. There is nothing to say, it is terrible what hitler did, it’s not this lady’s fault she was just a maid telling her part of the story.

Author — Amanda Walker


Next up we interview Joseph Stalin's ex gardener.

Author — Super Kyle


Too many edits ... Seems like the reporter is trying to hide something...

Author — Shashank Gupta


I don't think this woman was involved in the decision making of any of the “final solution” or “what country should we invade next?” questions. I think she was more involved in the, “Which chocolate should I put on the pillow?” and “Should I open the window and let fresh air into the room ?” questions.

Author — michaelterry1000


I love how she is honest about everything, she didn’t lie that she did enjoy her time working for hitler but didn’t agree what with he did. And everyone who is shaming her, just stop I could see why she hid it for 70 years for those reasons

Author — Phia


Someone said once " it is warm under the dragons wing "

Author — tommy delucca


So many cuts interrupting her words. Very suspicious. Seems like they did hide lots of parts of what she said.

Author — Verbunden


Recruter: "So tell me about about your past job experiences?"
Her: "I worked for Hitler"
Recrtuter: "..."

Author — Till Bsk


She is more reliable than my history book from school.

Author — Israel Galivjan