The People's House - Inside the White House with Barack and Michelle Obama

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The People's House - Inside the White House with Barack and Michelle Obama 4.5


“The People’s House” is a 360-degree video experience that takes you on a historic visit to President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama’s White House. This video is a companion piece to the 360-degree, 3D virtual reality experience by the same name, available on the Oculus RIFT and Samsung Gear VR. Through the transformative power of VR, the Obamas guide you on an intimate journey, granting unprecedented access to rooms not open to the public inside the West Wing, the Executive and Private Residences, reflecting on their time together, and recounting the building’s profound history since its construction over two centuries ago. From the Oval Office, to the Situation Room, to the South Lawn, Felix & Paul Studios has brought the White House to you.

A Felix & Paul Studios Production, in collaboration with Oculus Studios.



This is the official YouTube Channel of Felix & Paul Studios, the world’s leading cinematic virtual reality studio.

Felix & Paul Studios has worked alongside a number of collaborators, including Cirque du Soleil, the Obama Foundation, Fox Innovation Labs, LeBron James, Funny or Die and others.

You can find more experiences from Felix & Paul Studios on the Oculus Store. Depending on the experience, they can be viewed either on the Samsung GearVR or OCULUS RIFT.


This video is licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 license, except as follows: (1) all rights in the Oculus name, Oculus logo and the Oculus Studios logo, are trademarks of Oculus VR, LLC.; (2) all rights in the player and related software and in the Felix and Paul Studios name, logo, and trademark are the property of Felix and Paul Studios Inc; (3) all rights in the Headspace Studio name, logo and trademarks are the property of Headspace Studio Inc.; and (4) all rights in the THE BARACK OBAMA FOUNDATION name, THE OBAMA FOUNDATION name, the Rising Sun logo, are trademarks of The Barack Obama Foundation. Except for the foregoing, all rights reserved.

💬 Comments on the video

For someone who has never been to the white house, this was incredibly awesome! Thanks Obama(s)!

Author — Maxrosslinden


This was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! Thank you so much for this awesome experience it’s like I was there!

Author — David Campbell


I’ve visited the White House 8 times, each visit just as thrilling as the last. I never was able to visit while the Obama family lived there. I wished I had, especially since our beautiful home has been enclosed in ugly stockade fence and for the first time, looks like an unwelcome place. Hopefully soon, I might be able to visit again, when a true president of the people once again lives there.

Author — John Keating


Best white house tour on the internet.

Author — Richard Lee


Dec. 2019:- The calmness of the voices of their excellencies makes this video so peaceful. Hail to President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama!

Author — Vishesh A. Chawla


Truly felt like i was there, they thoughts of “if i was in office” just amazing, thank you Barack And Michelle Obama.

Author — Wolf 3100


Thank you. That was very beautifully directed and written.

Author — Wayne Warner


It's so comforting hearing Obama speak.

Author — Patrick Isles


I felt removed from my own reality watching this. The soothing narration and captivating voice of the Obamas took me through their journey. Your name will be monumentalised in history as the past great leaders who occupied the Oval Office. Thank you Mr President and the First Lady.

Author — D ROSE


I was just in the White House this past week for an official tour. This video and the unique perspectives it offered made me reminisce all over again. Thank You for making this and the care that went into it.

Author — Adam D


Lord, I was looking for a tour of the White House (the way it once was) on this 4th of July (2020) and lo and behold, I get a personal tour from Barack and Michelle Obama. How beautiful. Thank you. I sure do miss them 💖

Author — Linda Casey


This program won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Interactive Program.

Author — jwelch5742


The REAL PRESIDENT: intelligent, classy & lover of the US

Author — Alegria Atencio


I am not an American Citizen. But Mr. Obama is someone I have admired since his keynote speech. It was nice to witness how he sees things from a rational yet emotional stand point.

Author — Ali Mizhgan


Amazing! I didn't realize that the screen rotated until towards the end so I rewatched and I felt I was there. I miss the Obama family and the dignity they brought to the office. May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless them and keep them.

Author — R Crawford


I couldn't make it through this video without crying. A grown man. The US, the presidents and the people who elect them are the ultimate good in the world. So amazing.

Author — C Ro


He was humble man ever God bless him Amen

Author — Lucia Sibanda


thank you to the Obamas. That was really interesting. From your comments and descriptions of items and by using your finger on the screen to give you the amazing panoramic views of around the entire rooms in the White House that were shown.

Author — Linda Clarkq


If I'm judging Obama on his demeanor, his intelligence, fairness, compassion, inclusion, warmth, on how well thought out he is. how he plays by the rules even if the rules are stacked against him. The fact that he's a real gentleman. He's the best President of my lifetime.... Hands down....

Author — Lordcron


The current occupant makes you appreciate and miss the love, grace and honesty of the Obama’s. Great video. I love that the Obama’s really welcomed the people of every race, creed and color into the White House no matter what their socio-economic background was. The Obama’s were the only First Family that made you feel like it was your home too.

Author — Renee Hicks