Meet A Musk Ox Monday: Safety!

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Muskox is simply CUTE. Compare to all other "Cow" species, Muskox gives ppl a "civilized" impression.

Author — Grumpy Cat's Handcraft & Other Adventures*臭臉貓手工藝*


Este es el animal mas impresionante que tanto me cautivó por su belleza y por su habitad tan duró, en las estepas tan heladas .

Author — Davide Sespedes


I love musk ox, definitely one of my favorite animals. They remind me of the wooly rhino and wooly mammoth but they're still here with us. ❤

Author — ZeeNasty


She can dance if she wants to? Now she's left her friends behind

Author — SimbosanYT


now i found the perfect livestock guardian animal :)

Author — Holger Färber


she wasn't being mean by rubbing her muzzle against your leg. she was trying to be NICE! Have a heart and show this lady some affection!

Author — Brain Phelps


I'm curious. I know in some regions Musk Ox and Mammoths territories overlapped, but specifically where Safety and the others are have there been any Mammoth fossils discovered? Just think it would had a whole layer of awesomeness to the situation if Safetys great great great ancestors were coexisting with mega fauna! Great video nonetheless!!

Author — Red Jim


“She’s not in charge out here.” Sure she’s not.

Author — Gabriel Mauller


You don't even PET them?!? Wha-a-at??? I don't understand. And, by the way, I would REALLY like to ride one. Even better than Shetland ponies! Oh! Oh! A whole bunch of kids riding muskoxen, frolicking around the pasture. I wanna see it, I really do.

Author — Zeitgeist