Godot Auto Tile Map Tutorial

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I was stuck on this for a while and couldn't really find a good tutorial, so I thought I would just make one after finding it out. Hopefully, this will help someone avoid the struggle I had to go through.

Free TileMap:

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thanks, i realized I was missing some pieces for the tilemaps i have to allow for the other directions. your image sample came in handy!

Author — Stuff and Sundry


Great video and straight to the point. This is really handy to know.

Author — viperflame


Very good tutorial I find Godot's tilemap system isn't the best for simplicity but you went through the process very clearly and I might actually try this in one of my next projects

Author — qazpalm


very nice. Straight to the point and providing all the resources.
This video needs more attention

Author — Samuel Winter


Anything for autotiling collision? I knew how to make autotiles, but the prob is that even for that map the size of the tiles arent small enough for any half decent collision

Author — Mark Wakin


Geez, I've never understood this until now. It's a bit of a game changer! Great vid

Author — Andro Treurnicht


Thank you very much, was very usefull, very good tutorial.

Author — Nayckron


Geez, the Bitmask is so simple, I feel like a chump for not figuring it out myself.. alot easier than unity's it seems

Author — Kai Proton


Let me know if you like this tutorial, and if you think I should make some more.

Author — Arith metic


Almost 2 years later and still relevant as f*ck. <3

Author — Cyprian Guerra


Hai can you make tutorial on TileMap that can be drag when i play the godot and drag it around the screen

Author — szccornish


Sub 100! Do I get a prize :) Nice video.

Author — Pixel Rabbit