This Girl Was Locked Alone In A Room For 12 Years Before She Was Rescued – And Baffled Scientists

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This Girl Was Locked Alone In A Room For 12 Years Before She Was Rescued – And Baffled Scientists 4.5

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I know a guy who was locked in a chicken coup until he was 15 - he had no ability to talk, no social skills, nothing. The local social services approached my Mums church and asked if they would basically adopt him, that was the smartest thing I have ever known local government do - the church adopted him, hes a wonderful man, he works in the church putting out chairs, making tea and greeting people . He lived with the pastor and his wife until they died - hes about 65 now and lives in a flat near the church, everybody loves him to bits, even though he's VERY slow and simple he's such a gentle and kind man and always has a big grin and when you meet him he throws his arms in the airs, hugs you and say "Jesus loves you"

Author — The Spaniel Inquisition


The loud music in the background really ruins the story.

Author — Madi Sparkles


I remember when I had Genie's Story in in school, when we watched footage of her the whole room was silent, she's such a mesmerizing soul

Author — Minzokai Pu


People should have a parenting license. Difficult one not like an easy one, they have to go thru lots of lot of exams, etc. Not everyone should be a parent, seriously!!!!

Author — Zeynep Busbee


Who else went straight to the comments?😂

Author — Mekaylah Romero


You missed so many horrors of this story. Plus the fact that the two previous brothers were basically killed by the father. He didn’t like to hear noise, so he put them in the garage.

Author — Polly Pocket


Don't forget she was sexually abused. (I think) by two different people when she was in care. She was treated appallingly by the authorities which is quite possibly the reason she didn't continue to progress in the way she should have. Poor girl.

Author — Natalie M


We studied her case as part of my Sociology class, and I just found it sad how different groups of people failed her again and again. Once again, I just hate so much that the government found it better to put her in foster homes as compared to people she knew and cared about her...There is something seriously wrong with a system that harms the children theyre meant to protect.

Author — Viktoreia


I just can't understand how parents can do this to their own child. She was a sweet cute child. I feel sad her life ended up this way rather than it being full. Maybe now she can feel free, go to the park and see the beauty around her. She deserves this. Blessings I send her way.

Author — Stephanie In the wild


she looks so beautiful in those pictures its sad she never got to have a life :(

Author — B_ndit


Incredibly heartbreaking.
Such a sweet child.
How can people do such horrible things.

Author — Stacy Gagnon


This makes me grateful to the fact I live a normal life with sane parents

Author — Grade E Quality


Just when my faith in humanity is restored I see shit like this, God help us

Author — M K


This is why they should create a law that forces people to run a seriously indepth psychological evaluation before being allowed to have kids. Most parents out there have no idea how to raise a child because they are still a child themselves. Yeah, you grew in age, but you haven't learned anything about life yet.

And they should require a 95% score to pass.

Author — Surgeon SFV


The narrator sounds like the freakin Casey Kasem of tragic stories... This ain’t a top 40 dude, show some respect.

Author — Rachele Carmona


I worked in Law Enforcement and Child Protective Services for 30 years. It is truly amazing that some people treated thier pets better than thier kids.

Author — Rusty Shackleford


Such a beautiful girl. This is so heartbreaking. God Bless her.

Author — TessDen


God has a place for Jeanie, so heavenly, so pure and beautiful. She is an angel she will know love! May God Bless Jeanie.

Author — Ladytln8


This is a very tragic story. It was covered in a sociology class I took in college. The importance of human interaction, bonding, and love. No of which this girl received. So sad.

Author — MsSAlbright


Some people just should not be allowed to conceive children period

Author — TruthSeekr5000