KUSADASI SHOPS | The best shops in Kusadasi, Turkey 👍👍

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KUSADASI SHOPS | The best shops in Kusadasi, Turkey 👍👍 5

KUSADASI SHOPS | The best shops in Kusadasi, Turkey 👍. A walk through the Kusadasi shops in the Centrum showing a couple of the best handbag and fake designer clothes shops in Turkey

These Kusadasi Shops sell top brand and designer clothes and handbags and they're fakes but they're amazing quality and you honestly can't tell the difference with the hoodies, t-shirts, jeans and shoes there. Definitely worth a visit if you're in Kusadasi and fancy visiting the shops there.

Whether you are shopping for designer clothes or fake shoes and trainers or you are wanting to buy a handbag from the Kusadasi Shops, the guys here will have exactly what you need and will definitely have your size no matter how big/small you are!

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Can you haggle? Have you been to the shops here in Kusadasi? Let me know below.. 👇👇👇



I lived in antalyaTurkey for a year and I traveled to most of the cities fatheyi marmaris bodrum cappadocia izmir Istanbul and much more I love Turkey and Turkish people 😍

Author — Travel With Me


Which one is more flagrant than the other?
🇺🇸 or

Author — Social Democracy


im was there beautfull holiday and enjoys historie my live lovelyyyy💕💓💓💓💕💕💓❤💓💕💓💓💓💕💕💓💓💓

Author — shley nes


Really enjoyed Kusadasi. Resort food below par so we ate out most nights. Lovely scenery and friendly locals...

Author — murad miah


oh i loved this video so much. watched it 3 times by now. it was charming that i've always looked for videos like this :)

Author — bm3racer


Amazing and beautiful i was here last summer i love it ... Greethings from Macedonia 🇲🇰🇹🇷 (❤)

Author — Ana Stojevska


We went there a couple of weeks ago and seen the same man the in the different shop we got 4 jumpers for the equivalent of £60 he was good. He wanted £680! 😯
😂😂 I love a good haggle on holiday

Author — Pete Steele


Turkie is great been there every year since 2012 goin in three week s do get some great stuff over the there

Author — Jason Cousins


The best place in Turkey (Turkiye) for Vacation after Antalya 🙂

Author — dark side


Best place for shoping in turkey one and only one is Kusadasi city, amazing variety specialy for cloths and bags, love it

Author — muhammad afaq


I'm going there in 3 weeks. Can't wait.

Author — K B


How can I contact the sellers am in Nigeria and I want to buy your product so I can also sale them to

Author — grace micheal


I was recently in Kusadasi, i went to a shop called eliteboutique, which is left to the centrium, beside the mosque, we where treated very well, and the clothes and bags we got are of amazing quality, definitly will be heading back, ask for Marko,

Author — Joe Ryan


مسخوووط بقا عليهم غير دخلو صورو بلا ماتشريو خرجهوم محملين بالبضاىع ههههههههه

Author — Nadine Sendadi


I needed to the shopping now aime in Antalya

Author — So Ba


Will go to Turkey next year inshAllah and we will enjoy the halal foods and live to hug some Chanel purses

Author — usa gal


My town is Kuşadası ❤️ Here is main town center, Kahramanlar Street

Author — Mehmet Yalçın


My wife would love this, shopping heaven

Author — Showkat Hossain


Thanks. Can I get the contact of the shop? Is it possible to buy online?

Author — Rey A