18-Year-Old Kidnapped at Birth Speaks Out About Accused Kidnapper

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18-Year-Old Kidnapped at Birth Speaks Out About Accused Kidnapper 4.5

Alexis Manigo, who was given the name Kamiyah Mobley at birth, said she will always consider her alleged abductor "mom."

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I’m glad she was loved but the lady should’ve adopted not stolen a child!

Author — Queen Mia


When Alexis gives birth to her first child, she will understand that her kidnapper is EVIL.

Author — Nothing But The Truth


The girl is too young to understand the damage that women did

Author — Green Eyes Chavis


My heart goes out to the biological parents who have missed out on raising their daughter. The pain and suffering with sleepless nights they must have endured.

Author — Dorene Mellene


i feel so sorry for the man who thought he was her father

Author — Debbie xx


I'm sorry but that baby looks like it has some pencil drawn eyebrows

Author — kimata bunny.。.:*


The story is extremely sad for both parties. I'm just glad the girl was raised beautifully.

Author — A Beautiful Mess


How was she able to enroll into school all those years without legal documentation?

Author — Brittany Daniel


That poor young woman, she basically has no family anymore. The woman that raised her turns out to be her kidnapper and will go to prison for life, her "father" isn't really her father, and her biological parents are total strangers. Her whole life is based on a lie and she doesn't even know who she is anymore. The kidnapper is definitely a monster and she has messed up her "daughter" for life.

Author — Tristan Faulkner


Every single time I hear this young lady say "I still love my Mom. I am not mad at her and the love I have for her will never change regardless". Oh!! my heart literally breaks for her biological parents. Especially her Mom who was 16 years old when she lost her new born baby. She probably never ever really got over losing her child. Then to get her back and hear her long lost baby say such honorable things about her abductor. 💔😥

Author — J.L. F.


She looks just like her biological mama.

Author — P M


It doesn't not matter weather the mother looked like a junkie was ghetto or whatever else fact still remain THAT WAS HER BABY that she gave birth to and loved and she wanted her child back

Author — Tatiana Taylor


this an extremely complex case and I hope it is delt with sensitivity towards the victim

Author — Rachael Rojo


You gotta wonder if this was an inside. Did she randomly pick this baby or did someone within the hospital staff tell her about this TEEN MOM.

Author — jesse curlgoddess


I can understand how the girl feels still loving the women that kidnapped her but I feel like she's not thinking of how it effected her biological parents

Author — PLW


I feel bad for the man who thought that was his daughter



"She made 1 mistake..."

She kidnapped you & raised you knowing full well you werent hers.

Author — I am milan


This girl mentally is brainwashed. The abductor has devastated; so many people.

Author — M C


I feel bad for her real mother who now has to listen to her daughter (who was stolen from her) talk about how much she loves this woman and her feelings won't ever change and that is still her mother and she had the best life ever. Like it I was her real mother that would really fuck me up. Another time she was like "i mean ill give them a chance" in reference to her real family. That would really suck to hear as her bio mom.

Author — DeeDee Jones


Wasn't there a movie about this years ago?!?

Author — Breeze