Photographing the Nuclear Disaster in Fukushima

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Photographing the Nuclear Disaster in Fukushima 4

VICE accompanies photographer Donald Weber to the buffer zone at Fukushima, Japan, where the eerie silence mirrors that at Chernobyl, and follow him as he attempts to document the unfolding nuclear crisis.

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Less photographer, more photography. Please.

Author — Robert Livingston


This guy sure loves talking about himself.

Author — Melissa Sanchez


This is not really ""Photographing the Nuclear Disaster in Fukushima"
This is "Some self-absorbed pretentious clown talking on and on about himself and his boring life"
ANOTHER fail by Vice.

Author — TheJapanChannelDcom


Four minutes into a 13 minute clip, and its all about the photographer. No one cares man. It takes a big set of balls to take a tragedy and make it all about you.

Author — Frebyrd1973


This was borderline shameful and had a diaper-like level of self-absorption.

Author — Gunjamin Franklin


And like most photographers, he's incredibly pretentious.

Author — The Night Watcher


Is he going to actually talk about fukushima or just himself?

Author — R Rusk


So this is a 13 minute video, supposedly of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, and the first 6+ minutes are this guy's life's story and photographs of Ukraine? Oh, come on!

Author — Neenjah Rammus


Oh no, the *nuclear disaster*, look at that desolate wasteland (disclaimer: caused by the tsunami, not the meltdown)...

Author — zolikoff


This is more about the photographer and his work in chernobyl than anything else... Its like making a movie and naming it after a rat that gets 2 seconds of fame. PLEASE name your videos correctly!

Author — Zipp4Everyone


Me, me, me, me, me, me, me.

More me. I, I, I. Me. My. Me. I.

Like I care about the photographer. It’s the work that talks, that’s how it should be anyway.

Author — Poelmeister


this is more about the photographer than fukushima...

Author — MaDuke


I want my 13 minutes back. This was 11 minutes of the photographer talking about himself and 2 minutes about the disaster.

Author — Jason Luper


Title is garbage, thanks for wasting my time.

Wonder if 'vice' sees all these negative comments and think 'nah, were

Author — J tet


I know that this is a series about photographers, but this seemed incredibly self indulgent. Such a horrific thing happened in Fukushima, and this man wanders around it saying "wow" when he encounters a dead body, with the cameraman zooming in on it for effect. Of course difficult images should be recorded for the sake of history - for humanity to learn from it, face up to hard truths and give aid where needed - but this just didn't strike the right tone. To cut from a dead body and scenes of desolation to the photographer talking about his body of work came across as irreverent and exploitative.

Author — milmo


I don't like the way this guy wants to make the disaster all about himself.

Author — overthehills_faraway


Nice concept but the title should have read 'Mr. Weber talks way too much about himself and takes a few photos, '

Author — JDsModernMartialArts


Next time you hope to forward your career in photography, try using an accurate title for the work.

Author — TheWaterbound07


Why am I so interested in the dead man lying facedown?? Curious to find out who he is and his backstory.

Author — AyyTwisted


Correct the label of this video
It's about a photographer. Pissed me off.

Author — Levi Garrett