Skill Dewa Drifting di jalan raya

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Skill Dewa Drifting di jalan raya 4.5
Kompilasi video-video drifting di jalan raya.

Source : Borsh Story on instagram @xo47_b

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The irony in all this is you would probably be safer driving around him then 50% of the people on the road texting n shyt, or girls putting on makeup while driving.

Author — Old Soul


Meanwhile I get a ticket for dark window tint...

Author — Jessie Sanders


Борщ всё ещё в трендах.
А буржуи пусть до сих пор гадают кто это. :D

Author — Виталий Поляков


I wonder how long it took to edit out all the honking

Author — Caden Grossman


I still thank God for the day that action cameras came out..

Author — kaptan killem


This is russian youtube bloger Borsh Story aka "drift king of street racing"

Author — DragonBusa


This guy probably burns through a set of tires every time he goes grocery shopping, lol

Author — TheRomanoLV


0:00 / 1:25 PNM - Bad Muthafucka
1:00 Lil Ugly Mane ft. Antwon - Underwater Tank
2:12 Tommy Wright III - 4 Corners (pt. 2)
2:41 Tommy Wright III - Meet Yo Maker
4:06 Sounds like $uicideboy$ or Ramirez, but not sure

Author — Wolfsschanze Music


Ever wonder why we have so strict traffic rules? To rule out the human factor. Unexpected cars going fast could lead to several deaths just because someone changed lanes without blinkers. This guy drives like a god but he is putting everyone around him in danger even though he may be the better driver.

Author — JPazer


He has more control of his car than i have in my life

Author — Mr. Troll


Did anyone else notice the 420 on his windshield? XD

Author — Boonamai


It’s like art. His hands movement is so smooth and satisfying to watch 👌

Author — Callum Bambridge


I didn't know that was a VW thanks to the steering wheel. I know it was a VW thanks to the check engine light.

Author — Mr F


Уёбок, мать твою
Спиздил видосы у борща и даже канал его не указал
Го жалобы на него кидать, народ

Author — Goo Lya


guys guys its okay, hes wearing driving gloves, perfectly safe

Author — Internet_Vet


Russian “Borsh story” 1jz-gte + vodka = russian drift atatata psh psh jz

Author — Vlad Makarov


I would rather have him drifting around me all day in traffic than the guy speeding/passing through traffic.

Author — Colonel Grim


Тварь блять на видосах борща 3 ляма просмотров зароботал пендос ск

Author — Ваня Каспрук


Anyone else notice his raceing number on his winshield you know whats up.

Author — BeyLovers INC


2:47 when you're in the far left lane driving your buddy home and he says "take a right here".

Author — Murtsman1