Curiosity Sol 1387 photos (HD 1080p) - Mars July 1 2016

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Curiosity Sol 1387 photos (HD 1080p) - Mars July 1 2016 4
Curiosity Sol 1387, July 1 2016

Source photos:
Mastcam: Left / 11 images
1387ML0068160000601646E01_DXXX.jpg - 1387ML0068170040601656E01_DXXX.jpg
Mastcam: Right / 22 images
1387MR0068130000701901E01_DXXX.jpg - 1387MR0068150190701922E01_DXXX.jpg

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Liked this. No zooming in to the "Various Resident Pareidolian Species on Mars" here ;-)

Автор — ApexMike


Thanks for posting, TA. The rock and sediment clearly show evidence of water erosion and deposition. Your color alterations make it impossible to ignore. The more we know, the better the decisions we make.

Автор — Mark Twain


Why didn't they gear this up for sonar Imaging ?

Автор — Native Earthling


The scenery is very good color.
I think that there is vegetation on Mars.

Автор — Gyula Laczó


Tank you very much indeed 4 the lovely parade of f***ing stones and the skill in changing filters. People on earth, want know A BIT MORE, 4 EXEMPLE:: WHAT IS THE F***ING TRUE COLOUR OF THE MARTIAN SOIL OR, AT LIST, THAT OF THE MOON ( if it' s more easy 4 you ) J'v readden the comments below and, every body is happy about the footage, j''d be happy too, but sorry, j really canno t see any interesting thinghs. Forgive me, probably j' m a folk, an idiot ok but remember what me, and many others people whish to see in the footage anyway, j' m talking of EVERYBODY WORKS NOT ONLY YOURS, j' m your friend not an enemy . Well, j hope you can read my english, it' s not perfect but this is the best j could learn on the London roads. Carry on whit good footage, have good time, Vince60''

Автор — enzo viglione


1:22 On the left, is a good picture of a pool of water, and if you enlarge and look there are several birds in the picture. Water, Birds, breathable air?

Автор — Ronald Vaughn


First of all, I wonder how some satellite satellites managed to fly Van Allen rings? And secondly, how can you fool people to be on Mars, the Moon? People on Earth still do not have the technology to build a sort of aircraft to pass on to Jonosfer, let alone go to the Moon or Mars.

Автор — Marko Petrovic


WHAT is clearing the view? where can I get it?

Автор — louis swanson


Hey man i can show you the image a man in same day same photographs

Автор — shikhar pandagare


esa imagen es cuando yo estaba tomando sol en martes jajaja

Автор — Fernando Cabezas