Iraq tracks down last IS group fighters despite tensions

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Iraq tracks down last IS group fighters despite tensions 4.5

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In December 2017, Iraq's government declared victory over the Islamic State (IS) group. But the battle against the terror organisation is not over. In Iraq, the group quickly returned to its insurgent roots. In neighbouring Syria, around 2,000 fighters still control sizeable areas near the Iraq-Syria border. Meanwhile, tensions between US and Iranian-backed forces are complicating matters on the ground. FRANCE 24's Iraq correspondent reports.

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1:08 they mostly come at night, mostly...

Author — Begotten


RUBBISH - the last ISIS are in Al Tanf - US occupied part of Syria.

Author — MrFlashman10


Find out were all of them stay to take em out in one hit

Author — Luis A.


you do not salute on the front line lol

Author — Optikification


a US soldier that commits a drive by shooting on some random militia?

Author — Vinnie P.


comentatrice daesch faux commandant qui se tripote les burnes alors qu il en est depourvu daesch

Author — tania vero rachel stalinskaya debesse kazeirskaya


They seem to be a lot better organized than previously.

Author — blue diamond gem


Hope Iraq army do not run away this time

Author — Fumi Yama


Everywhere America goes it creates satans lair.

Author — merlin 13


I love all the "evil US" comments as if you think morality even matters when it comes to foreign policy. Greater powers will exploit weak ones. All these divided middle eastern nations can do is snuggle up to their aligned greater power and hope that they allow them to pursue their interests. I do personally think there is no longer a need to dominate the middle east seeing as our proved oil reserves have grown alot since the early 2000s si expect a slow withdrawal seeing as there is no longer a need to ensure the oil in the middle east.

Author — Antiochus III the Great


wikipedia is in whole sponsored by the criminal u.s. government

Author — elusive762


Wonder if they found all the piss bottles I left them

Author — LtSlapnuts0331


I am Isis, the Mistress of Every Land
I gave and ordained laws for men, which no one is able to change
I am she that rises in the Dogstar, she who is called Goddess by women
I divided the Earth from the Heaven, I ordered the course of the Sun and the Moon
I am Queen of rivers and winds and seas, I am the rays of the Sun
I overcome fate. Fake hearkens to me

Author — Kleopatra Yeboah


at least Iraq doesnt have to deal with crazy left-wingers.

Author — unpaid troll


And trump has been spreading claims that Isis is demolished? Hmmmm....

Author — Tima


Down with USA and France
From Pakistan

Author — Riazat Ali


They will be so happy real soon when the US leaves and they can once again fall under some other dictator and have to cry for help from another country.

Author — Ray C.


That militia leader is right, America created ISIS and they will do anything to justify their stay now in Iraq until they suck Iraq’s natural resources dry...this is what the U.S gov do, they destabilize other countries for personal gain.

Author — elias borsov


If it wasn’t for the US, none of these people would even know how to fight against ISIS and their country would be entirely under ISIS control, yet they show absolutely no gratitude.

Author — El Barto


Based on the swift success ISIL surprise attack on Iraq in 2014 where they came as close as few miles outside Bagdad, without the West, Russia & Kurds I think they might have won the war.

Author — Magdadaro sa Desert