'We are all doing it' say employees at Canada's big banks

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'We are all doing it' say employees at Canada's big banks 4.5
Employees from all 5 of Canada’s big banks have flooded CBC's Go Public with stories of pressure to meet sales targets

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I was raised near a small town way back in the 50's. At that time the Bank managers were respected and people understood that they worked for them. I watched that devolve until the 80's when a brother in law went to the bank for a small loan and proudly told me after he didn't even need one. The bank manager had instead given him a brand new credit card with 1500 bucks on it for the car. That was card at 30% instead of loan at 9%. That is when I realized banks and managers had become bandits. The banks still promote that trust thing and how they work for the customer. They do not work for you. They work to pillage your account and your future.

Author — Bentriverrusher


This is why I dropped Scotiabank, and moved to online banking with Tangerine. Yes, I recognize it is still owned by Scotiabank, but I don't have to deal with minimum balances, bank fees, or unethical sales tactics. I would explore the credit union option, but in the meantime Tangerine is doing the job fine.

Author — Andrew Steinsky


Growth at any cost. Infinite hunger in a finite world.

Any thought that we are a secular democracy is false. We worship Mammon.

Author — zell88


Imagine, with the new bailin legislation we will all be tapped to save their miserable existence. I keep my account empty. Visa at o

Author — pi namaste


Banks don't deserve to be around. They are useless. Let them fall

Author — Dan Thayer


I've experienced this as a customer, it happens. It most definitely is not in the customers best interest, and those employees didn't sign on to be sales people.

Author — InfiniteAscension


What the hell do you expect when you have the merchants running everything.

Author — TheGoverning BodyBag


Jimmy I knew you are a snitch. See you tomorrow at work

Author — Nathan Byarugaba


maybe the customers need to go over their bank account statements with a fine tooth comb check every "t" and dotted "i" be sure they are not adding stuff to their accounts like extra checking accounts, savings certs etc. They could be pulling a Wells Fargo too.

I use a Credit Union and you could not pay me enough to go back to a bank.

Author — C Johnson


Telus called me and told me some employee stole people personal info. They offered to give people free Equifax for a year lol

Author — Box Addict


the government is stealing from us as well.

Author — Dunning Kruger


I been a long time Scotia member but I keep getting high fees 3.99 turns into 21.00

Author — Jared Fogle


Bank Insurance Salesman was indicating that I commit FRAUD to keep his sale. I knew the product better than him and he wouldn't let me cancel unethical insurance: lying to me about how it worked....45 minutes ARGUING with a bank rep

Author — Lady Canada


Go Public had opened Pandora's Box wide. The public will finally be made aware.

Author — Stan Buell


Best way to save money : Cash your paycheck and hide it !

Author — z9944x -


This will go nowhere they’ll turn around and give the bank this huge fine and then go find somebody else to blame it on then give them a fine in the restitution order to repay the bank for its losses get The banks walk away Scott free without paying anything and that’s the hidden reality of Canadian justice I’ve seen in many cases

The other thing that’s happening is when you take a bank the court they usually try to throw it out of the cord before even comes up to trial if they threw it out the court will award them like $40, 000 for one day in court if you took that same bank the court and you were to win you’d be lucky to get $250 for your costs.

Author — R 1900


This it's BS. It's the Government behind the banks.

Author — TOTI Foti


This is why I bank with a credit union. While they don't have the geographic footprint of the big banks, they don't pressure you into things you don't want or need and generally give better customer service as well.

Author — Red The Hunter


Can you believe this? Coming from the bought and paid for media. Just what we need the Liberal government to take over omg that’ll fix it

Author — Chris Legue


...And kids out there be thinking Mcdonalds is hard to work for.


Author — Bl4nk