advanced bowling techniques

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This is a very well summary of the various aspects of the game. I was a high performer when I was a young adult, but then quit for 30 years... I started ~<3 yrs ago and this has helped me to remember some things I forgot and understand the huge equipment changes. I have to say that the machine oil application/surfaces (house shots), new ball surfaces, and weight blocks have made the game much higher scoring. I used to be considered fairly performant at a 200+avg. Now that wont even get you in the top 5 in a weekly mixed league :)

Thanks for your efforts here.

Author — Barry Holmes


Watched every minute of this and I go bowling about once every 5 years.

Author — Travis Gardner


practice on work on the process taught it will all come together over time and you will get better. good luck

Author — Frank Russell


This is helping me with my league, my tournament coming up.

Author — Erik Novak


Thanks for the guide on the “Mental Game” cause sometimes I was so nervous before and during the game.

Author — Nintendo Bowler


Anyone else watching this so that they can remember how to bowl after 3 months?

Author — OrigamiPenguin8


I have an essay to write, thankyou for this gem of a lengthy video!

Author — CPOMendez117


lets go with the strongest ball out there right now and give it 180 grit and use that on wolf

Author — Steven Orland


This video is
So much learned! I hope I can carry out what I've learned onto the lanes! Wish me luck!

Author — Brittany Blanco


Watched thousands of YouTube videos over the last decade. And then somehow THIS is the best one I've ever seen. How? I don't know. But thank you Frank!

Author — Matt Stone


Nice video dude, this video helps me to my bowling performance problem for my special olympic events here in the philippines. Thank you for sharing this wonderful video

Author — xander soriano


This is a great video, tons of information that is valuable to a beginner like me. thanks!

Author — Peter N


Great information, all in one video, presented by the best in the business. Man i'm glad I found this!

Author — Devon Bradford


Senior in high school, just found this out, and I’ll definitely use this to prove my coach wrong thinking I can’t improve

Author — CrusaderGaming


This is awesome video.... i learnt alot unexpectedly. Things i didn't realize before. It's easy to take note of these basic and important points! Thanks for the video!

Author — Elric Heng the Beachboy


Good video, it allowed me to raise my average from 100 to 200 :)

Author — oanimalinho2


Extremely Informative Excellent Illustrations Top Shelf

Author — Melvin Bridgewater


Thanks for showing up the tips here. that's why i only remains 63 - 80 points on bowling. i tried to make it perfect but when doing it, it surely have a difference.

Author — Ben Gabriel Hanks .The Great


Thank you for sharing Frank. I really appreciate this upload.

Author — Andrew Austin


I’m going to the dark side for tips now

Author — TrapCardDis