Homemade Wood Gas Burning Stove Like Solo Stove for Camping - Secondary Combustion - Part-1

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Homemade Wood Gas Burning Stove Like Solo Stove for Camping - Secondary Combustion - Part-1 5

This time, I made a solo stove, a solo camping stove, using two stainless steel food containers(BMP, Bain Marie Pots). Secondary combustion is possible, so there is almost no smoke, but unfortunately, soot is observed

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Always be safe and have a fun camping.
Stay safe.

Disclaimer: Using a stove in a confined space can be very dangerous. When using a stove, be sure to ventilate properly and be prepared for fire or other safety accidents. I am not responsible for any loss or injury caused by carelessness.

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Good Job! Really like the size of the stove. Most practical I have seen.

Author — T. Wills


You are a real joy to watch sir ! THANK YOU for sharing youir time, energy, and expertise. You remind me so much of my own father who was an engineer and metal fabricator himself.

Author — American Spartan


You don't know how much i love these videos.

Author — myles adams


Love the "smokeless fire" aspect of these stoves. Very efficient at burning off all the excess smoke. You really have convinced me to make one of these for myself!

Author — Anthony Colbourne


I have two solo stoves, they work great, at the end of the night you don’t smell like smoke at all, the flames at the top are super cool too. Very cool build video.

Author — William Wendling


캠투님 영상은 다른분의 영상과 달리 성장하고 발전한다는 느낌이 좋네요 완전연소가 될때까지의 과정이 궁금해지는 영상이었습니다. :-)

Author — 버섯커버섯커


This is by far, the #1 best mini wood-gas burning stove I have seen on youtube. I've been following your series with the little camp stove and I'm very impressed with your work!

Keep the videos coming! Stay Safe :D

Author — Dry Log


mais um ótimo trabalho!!
sempre admirando seus trabalhos! 👍

Author — Rubens Alberto


Это что-то. Идея не плоха, но для пеших походов печки большие

Author — Sanya Blogger


Wow...another awesome camp stove...I hope one day we (the public) will be able to purchase your ingenious stoves (inventions).

Author — Kwan J.V.


Um projeto simples e ao mesmo tempo extremamente eficiente. Agradeço por compartilhar.

Author — Antonio Pereira


could you provide a parts list in English? very interesting, thanks for sharing. Apologies for not being able to speak your language.

Author — Make It or Break It


Wow. Amazing! Also thank you for giving all the info needed. Exact specifications are so appreciated! So many people don't do that. Thanks for sharing! 💖

Author — Jeff Clark of Clarkle Sparkle


Best one I’ve seen so far. Awesome video, keep up the good work. Blessings! 🙏👍✌️💪😎

Author — Miguel Orengo


Ты очень рациональный человек))) рядом лежит топор. но дрова ты колешь ножом.

Author — Doodie Man


이물건 수입판매하고 있더군요..
내기억으로는 큰 바케스 정도 크기가 50정도...비싸.
나도 한번 도전....영상감사.

Author — 사시미


좋은 영상 잘 봤습니다
좋아요♡ 구독 하고 갑니다
소통 부탁드려요♡♡

Author — 정유TV


MAKITA Japanese Electric drill driver Thank You 💖

Author — 閲覧専用


Really enjoyed this video. You really come up with some ingenious ideas.

Author — John Tackkett


Could you please tell me where you got the pots? I've tried to find them on Amazon and eBay but the dimensions in mm do not translate to what is available. The stove looks great.

Author — Terry Dabbs