Kashmir: Big Media is Failing the Public

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Kashmir: Big Media is Failing the Public 4.5

कश्मीर पर देश के बड़े मीडिया संस्थानों की एक-तरफ़ा रिपोर्टिंग पर कश्मीर के लोगों की राय जानने की कोशिश की द वायर की सीनियर एडिटर आरफ़ा ख़ानम शेरवानी ने।
श्रीनगर से ‘द वायर’ की ख़ास रिपोर्ट

The founding premise of The Wire is this: if good journalism is to survive and thrive, it can only do so by being both editorially and financially independent. This means relying principally on contributions from readers and concerned citizens who have no interest other than to sustain a space for quality journalism. As a publication, The Wire will be firmly committed to the public interest and democratic values.

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The Wire... No words n speechless true reporting Great job Aarfa madam... Feel proud

Author — Pavan Gandhi


Kashmir is not only the valley Jammu is also a part of it

Author — Aditya Samal


App nirash Mt hoiyega ma'am hme apse bahut ummid h

Author — Ram Raksha Singh


GODI MEDIA me subha se sham tak modi ne aaj ye kiya modi ne aaj wo kiya are desh me or kuch nhi h kya dikhane ko GANDMARE MEDIA

good job the wire I'm always support you

Author — Mr. MŮßIC


"Some news are not better reported"
hmm puh..
Bjp parrot presstitutes are soo happy in showing how peaceful kashmir is...
All shops are closed, all school are closed, all street are closed.. Its soo peaceful like chernobyl or fukushima.. A ghost town..

Author — Jithin Mohanan


Biased Media is more dangerous then nuclear attack

Author — anil shrestha


The wire, thank you so much for fearless independent reporting and showing us the ground reality of J&k, Stay safe and let know the truth to people...

Author — Rahul Yadav


Thank you Ma'am.We're with you..Keep doing your job honestly 👍

Author — Ashique Billah Gazi


I don't know what they are mean with normal.. If there net is not working than it's abnormal or they have some restriction.. Dude no one getting died and there is no stone peltar on roads for me this is normal....
And you have to check the whole jammu kashmir rather than considering only one or two cities..

Author — Rajkummar sharma


Public knows that EVM Government is showing only every one knows Kashmiris are sad and depressed. Godi media is bluffing themselves and the public.

Author — Nisha Vasaikar


Allah aap ki madad kare ga bas Allah par bharosa karo 😭

Author — Arab Ayman


अल्लाह हमारे गुनाह की सबको सज़ा ना दे
हमको हिदायत दे और उनको भी हिदायत दे

Author — Mushtaq Ansari


Good Work Wire.

I think you earned yourself an award when that man said wire is a good channel.

Author — Binil C


Sad to see the truth..
Is this the govt who is democratic??
Smbody show the video to PM CM or govt.

Author — naveen singh rawat


China withdraws controversial Hong Kong bill.. its amazing how a communist country behaves like a model nation in the way they handled demonstrations, and their ultimate response.. and how the so called largest democracy behaves worse than any fascist dictatorships

Author — Singhal Louis


Thank you for exposing godi media, I just cried after seeing this video.
Thank you mam😭



You're are great Ptrakar. God bless you Arfa Khanm. I'm lady teacher.

Author — Madan Mohan Sharma Koi bhi bimari sthir nhi hai.


The people of my country wants to know the true reporting about kashmir...the Vire is the perfect reporting channel.. Thanks to the Arefa khanum shervani

Author — I love Army


Ya Allah Kashmir Ko madad farma in ki hifazat kr

Author — Umar Abdullah


Thank God..!! The Wire, real journalism is alive apart from Godi Media!!!!

Author — Saurav Kumar