Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez riles Democrats by refusing to pay party dues

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez riles Democrats by refusing to pay party dues 4.5

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee says Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez owes $250,000; reaction from New York congressional candidate Scherie Murray.

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Isn’t it funny a socialist isn’t “paying her fair share?”

Author — T G


A socialist will gladly hand you the shirt off their neighbor’s back

Author — Forget About It


Socialist logic: You’re money is everyone’s, my money is mine.

Author — Capt. Badger


A millennial socialist who doesn’t want to pay her bills. Shocking

Author — Modustollens1


Why the hell is she in Congress? shes not even qualified.

Author — Blake Minton


A typical Socialist...”Everyone has to pay but me.”

Author — Romans 13:4


Its because she's broke. She tried to get a raise like 6 minutes after she got her job.

Author — King OfSunnyvale


"I'm not paying my dues": Spoken like a true Bernie disciple.

Author — David Jenkins


She's trying to save as much money as she can before she has to go back to bartending. 😂

Author — Both Parties Suck


Can’t blame her - she sees any money given to her as her tips. Once a bar lady, always a bar lady.

Author — J D


Wait, so AOC isn’t paying coercive “dues” because she doesn’t like how the money will be used?

Interesting how positions are different based on who pays the bill...

Author — Russell Bennett


AOC is a gift to Trump and will likely get him reelected.

Author — Sean Thompson


She's been on the George Soros payroll the entire time.

Author — KC Maldonado


She's not supporting "her socialist agenda party" because SHE HAS TO PAY! She wants WE THE PEOPLE TO PAY FOR HER... Fire her and jail her...

Author — John L


We don’t need someone else like her in Congress.

Author — Dondi Turner


She refuses to pay her dues which funds the dnc but when it comes to income taxes she wants you to pay a lot more taxes but she wont have to pay anything. It is all about her

Author — David Coxe


I bet she’s a millionaire when she leaves office.

Author — 3G Craftsman


But she wants to decide how to spend our money. Legit.

Author — Ethan


She refuses to pay her dues, then remove her as a registered Democrat. She can register Independant with no dues needed

Author — Chris LePera


AOC- I’m going to raise everyone’s taxes.

Also AOC- I’m not going to pay taxes!

Also Also AOC- I’m “smarter” than you so just give me your money and I’ll take “care” of you.

Author — Michael Ridling