Seas of Years - Lighthouse

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Seas of Years - Lighthouse 5
Post Rock from Sweden

From the "Ocean Rift" album released in 2013

Band: Seas of Years
Album: Ocean Rift
Genre: Post Rock
Country: Sweden
Year: 2013

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Keep pushing. Dont stop. You got this.

Author — Angel Rocha


This kind of songs makes me believe about people changing the world to a better place

Author — MrJo3crack


Dreamed of a girl in a field of wheat she holding my hand I only saw her caramel brown hair with a floral shirt but couldn't see her face.This song reminded of that feeling when I saw her.

Author — Bradley Clarke


Everytime I hear this Music, I remember someone special.

Author — Mah FiFteen


Love listening to songs like this while playing open world video games. The greatest most calming feeling after a long day of whatever.

Author — Cassie


With this sound, I feel on a flight in remembrance of everything I've done in this life ...

Author — AtelierFM Fernando


I literally found God tripping on mushrooms, this is infinite.

Author — Lg


Next time I visit the warnemuende beach, I should listen to it by headphone while sitting beside the lighthouse. :D

Author — Jawad Tahmeed


Any else listen to this song literally almost every day?

Author — bachmaninoff


This music makes me company when i'm feeling alone

Author — Pedro Zani


love this post rock down in my soul ❤❤

Author — julia saiz


I can. The greatest phrase ever said. And this song says I can without using any words.

Author — The Cascadian Hiker


this has to be my most favorite song ever. i want it to play at my funeral

Author — Roxanne Coulombe


Hermosa ! cuantas emociones pude sentir al escucharla por primera vez ! <3

Author — Gralex Jimenez


I've been debating learning the guitar. This song would be great for practice.

Author — Cielo Costero


how is there not a guitar lesson for this?? some kind soul please make it happen :)

Author — Rizi mophar


This song makes me forget all the people who have mad this world in need of becoming a better place, and looking to the future where everyone can do their part to make this world worth living in. Until people can see the world as more than a rock, animals as more than useless meat, and humans as more than those things only capable of destruction, that future is only a dream. But when all hope seems lost, there are those few that care enough to do something, to try to change the minds of these lost souls only focused on the negative side if everything, and these few try to bring the slightest glimmer of hope into the world, to the rock we call home, to the meat we share it with, and the ones with the power to change the world. These humans are more than destruction. They have the ability to change the world, for the better or worse. If we could all see this, then the world might just become a place worth not only living in, but a place worth protecting.

Author — JL


this definitly has a Life is Strange feeling, the lighthouse is the arcadia bay touch

Author — Ricardo Rodrigues


The ambience of this reminded me of Riverside's "Promise", but this is more diverse especially toward the end.

Author — Ernest Jest


Hope it doesnt sound disrespectful but i wrote lyrics to this song its so good

Author — Swift Genes