9 Things Corey Inherited from the Old Man... (Pawn Stars)

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9 Things Corey Inherited from the Old Man... (Pawn Stars) 4.5

9 Things Corey Inherited from the Old Man... (Pawn Stars)
As most of you already know “The Old Man”, Richard Harrison passed away leaving behind his legacy of personality and the liability of the store.
He was one of the main cast members of the show and none the less he was the creator behind the show. More than sorrow he left behind a multimillion-dollar show and millions worth of items under his name. His son Rick Harrison also a main cast member was inherited millions of dollars that Richard Harrison owned, but what exactly did he leave for his son. Today we will be looking at all the expensive and lesson worth things Richard Harrison left for his son rick. From materialistic things to life lessons.

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9 Things Corey Inherited from the Old Man (Pawn Stars)

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Sure was a great dad to Rick and grand dad to Cory, sure wish I would have had an old man like Mr. Harrison!
Can you even imagine the amount of experience and knowledge that was lost when the “Old Man” passed ?

Author — robert mullins


That's rich. I remember the first time I came to the store as a kid pawning stuff with my mom who had a bad habit at the time and the old man pulled me over to the side and gave me 5 dollars for lunch and told me not to tell my mom. Not to long after that we moved to Reno and I never got to thank him for his kindness. So thank you Harrison family for all of the little things you do for the people. Then and now. RIP

Author — Steven Doyle


"9 Things Coret inherited..." except the video fails to itemise a single one.

Author — graham grasdal


The reason the old man left out the other son is, he is part of a motor
cycle gang. He has caused lots of trouble for the family. Also regarding the house, Rick’s mother is still lives there.

Author — Betsy Avallone


This video sounds like someone trying to put filler into an essay to reach the minimum word count

Author — Xx T-mon xX


9 things Corey inherited.

We don’t exactly know what the 9 things were but here’s a bunch of things the old man owned.

Author — JeepDan777


There all POS anyone that take's advantages of people like this is just slum

Author — Kapsol Kapcon


"those bastards lied to me" I can still here the old man's voice..sob* sob*

Author — Harvey ybiosa


My Old Man left me an old pair of jeans which he was still wearing.

Author — Joe Home


I guess dad's passing allows you as a family to move forward in life as you think back to the times he will be missed. I am about your dads age, now still living and I am glad to have seen many of your episodes of your deals in some very special items in books, coins, and graphic items and found your show entertaining to watch!

Author — Bailey Hughes


I came home one day and the old man was asleep in my backyard in the glass house. True

Author — Simon Dacio


That's Rich. I didnt know the old man were dead but now u Know and its sad

Author — georg kriisa


That's Rich I remember win I fist watch the show I just love the crazy things people brought into the shop

Author — Tyler Flint


Everytime I see the ol man I think of my dad. He looks kinda like my dad.
I sure miss my dad.

Author — v r


that’s crazy. My uncle was also given the choice of prison or the military. Lmfao but my uncle ended up serving in both the Navy and Army, both times to stay out of prison.

Author — Trucker RollinThick


Just as I thought: No Bugatti. More clickbait.

Author — Sam Wills


" that's rich " RIP Old Man, you were an awesome American and a great family man.

Author — brett biederman


Really did not know that he passed.
Always nice to see him not taking any nonsense.
Loved watching the show with him around.

Author — Francios Stadler


My condolences to the whole family always loved to watch all your shows my comments not for gifts just my love for the show RIP Old Man



me with 5 minutes left in my shift

Author — mathis