Ajay Devgn In Aap Ki Adalat (Full Interview)

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Ajay Devgn In Aap Ki Adalat (Full Interview) 4.5
Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn says he enjoyed playing the role of a don (Haji mastan) in the film 'Once Upon A Time In Mumbai', but it was different from what he did in 'Company'.Devgn was in the dock in this week's episode of Rajat Sharma's long running talk show Aap Ki Adalat on India TV.

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Ajay devgan real action hero of Bollywood and love guru of the

Author — Atul Kumar bad boy


Ye aankh wali bat right hai sach Me inpar bahot actress fida hai love you my favorite Aj

Author — Anil Kumar


Ajay is best actor.. n loyal honest person in real life too ❤ respect

Author — damu here


The legend of the bhagat singh was the best Movie 😍😍

Author — Kuch Nayaab Alfaaz


Only Ajay Devgan is a versatile actor of this film industry. No one can compete with him. Sultan Mirza was the best character he played.

Author — B pandey


sunil shetty best hai uska v apki adalat me interview kiraou

Author — Rahul Rahul


I think Ajay Devgan is best actor in whole film industry

Author — Kifayat Hussain


Awesome actor, one of the best we have actually, polite and extremely down to earth.... Hatsoff

Author — Kavita Thakur


He talks so less and he is so on Point. He accepted that he was lucky to get his first film, he accepted his mistakes and also he made all points clear.

Author — Debolina Bhattacharjee


Commenting before watching
I swear since I was child he has been my favourite ajay devgan one and only the pure soul
Love from pakistan 💕💕💕💕💕

Author — Wadi E ILm CHANNEL


The legendary actor and a great man ajay sir love you are my favourite actor and always will be.

Author — Amarjit Sharma


Aesey Kyun Keh Rahe Hain log Ke Ajay Ka look Acha Nahi tha
sub Se Handsome Dashing to Ajay He Tha 90s main

Author — Rizwan Khan


He is smart & good looking actor...love Ajay

Author — Virus Scanner


I agreed ajays thinking ke wo logawn ke samne stage pe nachna pasand 👍

Author — Farheen Begum


Who is coming here after kajol interview in aapki adalat

Author — Vishal More


REAL INDIAN MAN, unlike mixed breed light skinned actors



The legend of bhagat Singh was an epic 🎥 movie .

Author — Swapnil Gorana


Pleez ajay sir make film balochistan histree beakas thire is amazing and big thing pleez do this

Author — Balochistan Time


Ajay devgan is real TIGER in Bollywood

Author — Comedy KADAM


How many national.awards have all the khans won Exactly

Author — Daniyal Rahman 2016