20 Greatest video of Ships Crashing and Beaching Around the World, it's CRAZY!!!

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20 Greatest video of Ships Crashing and Beaching Around the World, it's CRAZY!!! 4
This Video is a compilation of videos of ships around the world from crashing to beaching and collision. Some videos are low quality and phone recorded others are HD but all are good and watchable. Hope you guys enjoy it till the end and please don't forget to subscribe.

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Here are the link of videos from creative common:

Ship crash into buildings in indonesia:
Ship Crash compilation:
Ship Crash and Fail:
Collision au large du Cap Corse :

The video start from:
1. Straits of Singapore
2. Nansha Port, China
3. Keil canal, Germany
5. Rekik, Germany -
6.Italy, Port of Genoa Mediterranean
7.United Kingdom, London Thames
8.South Australia, Port Lincoln,
9.Istanbul's Bosphorus, Turkey,
10.Bangkok Thailand
11. Ship Graveyard in Turkey
12. Trombetas, Brazil
13. Vietnam
14.Port of Barcelona, Spain
15.Port of Karachi, Pakistan
17.Suez Canal, Egypt
18.San Diego Dock ,California USA
19 Mumbai Port, India
20. Chalkida, Greece
From the year 2000 -2019

Types of ship present in this video:

Container ships:
which carry most of the world's manufactured goods and products, usually through scheduled liner services

Bulk carriers:
the work horses of the fleet, these transport raw materials such as iron ore and coal. Identifiable by the hatches raised above deck level which cover the large cargo holds.

Transport crude oil, chemicals and petroleum products. Tankers can appear similar to bulk carriers, but the deck is flush and covered by oil pipelines and vents.

Ferries and Cruise ships:
Ferries usually perform short journeys for a mix of passengers, cars and commercial vehicles. Most of these ships are Ro-Ro (roll on - roll off) ferries, where vehicles can drive straight on and off, making it a speedy and easily accessible way to travel.
Additional info:
Demand for cruise ships expanded rapidly during the 1980s, leading to a new generation of large and luxurious 'floating hotels'

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This looks like ocean rage instead of road rage.

Author — nick beam


A couple are intentional beaching - what they do with old ships.

Author — nulife022


Ship Driver's Insurance: "OK, pull out your license and insurance card. Got mine. Let's exchange information. It's OK, this state has no-fault."

Author — G Y


Damnit Jim, I said to hit the brake. Not the gas.

Author — Guardrail


BEST CAPTAIN'S EXCUSE: "It wasn't my fault, the 1st mate wouldn't hold my beer!"

Author — Michael Menges


When you meet a burger flipper at McDonalds and they say they used to be a mega ton vessel captain. Now you know why they aren't anymore..lol

Author — Dradden 1


To say nothing about the pilots who's job it is to bring ships into port.

Author — Michael Schneider


Deck hand to Captain: hold my beer Cappy, I'll take it from here.

Author — cartwright420able


You can measure come up with something better than it sounds into playing with that clunking clinking clanking is terrible

Author — Virian Bouze


4:30, hmm, let's put the fuel storage tanks on a turn at sea level where giant ships come in.

Author — Tomek Stec


-House owner: "Who is it?!"
-Ship: "Sorry, didn't see ya..."

Author — Jadekay78


"Ok, so the bad news is that your order fell off the ship when it hit something and knocked a bunch of containers off into the water. The good news is, we'll refund your shipping

Author — Toni Atchison


8:45 now you know why that Amazon order never arrived or got there a bit soggy

Author — Michael Mayfield


I guess that cookware we ordered from Alibaba is gonna be late getting here.

Author — Rob Billeaud


Most captains were quoted saying “it wasn’t my fault”, I blew the horn.

Author — MrMauidiver


I guess that I'm not the only one who knows that sports of sea all require their own certified pilots to bring ships to moorage.

Author — Michael Schneider


The ship" exellence", was getting revenge for something that happened. Broke the crane to peices with the ships nose, then reversed it like a boss and cruised away!!!

Author — genaro roman jr


I live across from a large shipping port and almost all of these crashes can be avoided by the assistance of tugboats to maneuver these large floating vessels around the entry port. Guess they tried to save money.

Author — Frank K


I'm imagining a lot of people behind the wheel of a ship going 🤪 "DUHHHH!!!" "Should I go TOWARDS da pier?? DUHHH!!!" 🤪

Author — Josh The_Carpenter


0:18 Police aren't the only ones who can do a pit maneuver.
Ships can do it to.

Author — Rob24Dog