'This Dog, I Think It Ate A Couch. Like A Whole Couch!' | The Vet Life

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Lee brings in his dog Jamie Bell to see Dr Blue, as she has been extremely lethargic, and hasn't eaten for the last 5 days. Dr Blue performs exploratory surgery and finds "a whole couch" in Jamie Bell's stomach.

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💬 Comments

I don’t know who is sweeter: the dog, the owner or the vet.

Author — slab6046


Is nobody going to mention how amazing this dog looks for nine?

Author — S M


Jamie bell looked like she knew she was in trouble with those pityful eyes saying opps.. im in trouble 🤣🤣

Author — iloveheechul28


This is the most pure dog/owner relationship I've ever seen

Author — Emma


I love how the owner didn't hesitate when it came to surgery. He clearly loves his dog and was ready to do anything to save her life.

Author — A potato


“I was telling my wife she was getting too damn fat” 😂

Author — Samiya _beauti


LOL at 7:13. The face of shame. She knows what she did! 😂

Author — hugs2003


Dogs are so dumb sometimes 😂
“Oh ya this couch looks good to eat” 🤦‍♀️

Author — OoOo OoOoO


She probably ate all her stuffed animal stuffing

Author — Monica Tovar


Wow finally a vet show that did things right. They placed an IV catheter. They induced with propofol instead of masking down. They shaved and prepped the area, moved to the surgery suite and draped the site. The doctor srubbed up, gowned up and gloved up. Donned cap and mask. Very nice! It's not often these show do things right. Kudos to that doctor, he could teach doctor pohl a thing or two....or many!

Author — Ashley C


This dog looks extremely good for 9, my dog looks like something that would be pulled out of a grave, and she’s 3

Author — Jœ Mæmæ


a southern gentleman with his southern belle :] i really like both jamie bell and her owner

Author — Ronnie Taylor


I bet she just run around the farm. He said she caught birds before so she’s probably allowed just to roam around. Who knows what she could have found

Author — Pickingwilddaisies


Girls being hungry: **eats 5 whole large cheese pizzas**
Dogs being hungry: **eats whole house**
Edit: tysm for 445 likes :>>>>

Author — godscilla


He says their not missing anything...something is missing from the 2.4 lbs of crap that was pulled out of her stomach

Author — M*A*G*A


This looks like pink fiberglass wall insulation!!!

She must have removed it from attic, garage, barn, dog house, etc? Maybe they live on a farm and didn’t notice any damage or missing insulation because they dont frequent the space?

Author — Aubri _


She's a giant stuffed animal. Literally.

Author — Bianca Yumi Pelissari Oka


Jamie Bell has the most beautiful eyes of any dog I've ever seen.

Author — Laura Chapple


Old guy: he’s a very active dog!
Other guy: really?
Old guy: uhm!

Author — TheRealOceanPlayZ


This man reminds me of my grandfather and his dog lol “Go ahead Jamie Bell”

Author — tubagoblin