Investors should short the S&P 500: Gary Shilling

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Investors should short the S&P 500: Gary Shilling 4.5

Gary Shilling, president of A. Gary Shilling & Company, explains why he thinks we're close to a global recession and investors should start to short the S&P 500.

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I like how the interviewer largely let Mr Shilling speak with only minimal interruption.

Author — William Fang


I'll bet that Gary's not too old to want to pull that zipper.

Author — Wado Waleli


Maybe with a 20% drop, he can scratch his short position. 1/04/20. The market's gone straight up since the interview.

Author — Martimus Maximus


No way I short a market with a Fed that has lost their mind and is willing to tolerate 3 - 3.5% inflation and drop rates to 0 while also doing QE27.

Author — Jeff Lombardi


But they’ve been saying this for 4 years 🙃

Author — Zach McKee


How’d shorting the S&P 500 go since this aired

Author — Wealth Talks


Gary Shilling is not only a wise man but he is also honest in giving plausible reasons why he is shorting equities. Most fund managers are not so truthful.

Author — laureate-concert-group


I’m just gonna keep my money in and if/when it tanks, I’ll buy more, wait 5-10+ years (because it’s just a long investment to me) and enjoy the profits

Author — loveforthe90s


After listening to a bunch of these so called experts, it is becoming apparent that half will guess wrong. Set your portfolio up so you can sleep at night and ignore these shows.

Author — Johny JSL


Just look at the chart last 5 years. All is not well, this is starting to feeling like the euphoric period before the change in trend.

Author — Bobs Racing


Monday, December 30th, 2019 and following this person's advice to short the S&P 500 would have lost you a pile of money. I'm already very good at losing money and don't need his advice.

Author — John S


The only thing that strengthens a market is the short. This is bad news for me....I'm short and I don't like company.

Author — Bk Bk


The market will crash in 2010, 11, 12, 13....and Bitcoin will be up to $100.000 in 2019...gotta love 'experts'

Author — R8x


If he's short the S&P he's getting crushed right now. Hope he's hedging.



He may be wrong in the short term, but lets give him another six months and see what happens.

Author — smokeya2


Damn that zipper is holding on for dear life.

Author — Willwork4 XRP


Honestly at this point the bond market is more juiced than the stock market.

Author — Harold Lawson


Thanks old man! Let me step in front of a Fed Powered Freight Train!!!

Author — SubSonicGorilla


Is he "Shilling" his position??

Author — Matthew Adams


Shows the fed and central banks rigg markets, interest rates and the money supply to save the rich and shaft the rest. They dont believe in free markets.
Keynesian con artists.

Gary would be right only if the fed stopped injecting the markets with monetary heroin.

Author — redtroika