Ships in Horrible Storms

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Ships in Horrible Storms 4.5

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A collection of videos demonstrating the power of the sea, violent winds and gigantic waves, as well as the fearlessness of sailors.

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YouTube just be recommending anything at this point.

Author — Me Myself & I


Imagine being in a wooden ship in the 17 hundreds crossing the Atlantic

Author — Evan Giles


10:20 they just start playing the movie "Perfect Storm" wtf?

Author — Margaret Barber


Now imagine yourself at a 16th century galleon in such a storm...

Author — hanbanaroda


5:37 gotta love how the carrier deck is not moving even slightly while the other ship plunges up and down!

Author — cwam1701e


The person landing that helicopter has balls the size of Texas.

Author — SuperDave


I loved this video it reminded me of the rough seas in the middle of the Atlantic where you couldn't tell where the Horizon was because everything was so gray and you could feel the aircraft carrier sliding sideways off of the swells and at the same time moving in a forward direction.👏👏👍

Author — Jose Melendez


And suddendly, being covid quarantined seems like a walk in the park.

Author — Topesio66


Ships in horrible storms

15 million people: clicc

Author — Alex Tanner


Everybody in the comments talking about the ships. No one is talking about the person who recorded this to nice and perfect without wobbling

Author — dOom


Me at 4 am: hmmm I should go to sleep now...
YouTube: ships in horrible storms.
Me: hell yeah let’s watch this!

Author — Daniel Shamov


10:22 When they take a clip from the movie a perfect storm xd why

Author — Wyatt Baillif


“Hello!, yes I will like to cancel my cruise trip reservation”.

Author — alejofox10


Ah, yes. I love the feeling of watching other people suffer :3

Author — Rubber Ducky


3:07 Quit hitting yourself, quit hitting yourself...

Author — ceklahn


The Great Algorithm has brought us together once again. Hello, my friends.

Author — Alexandros Triantafillou


Sir, we're a destroyer...

Author — Unprofessional Professor


10:41 is a scene from the movi Perfect Storm.

Author — Mat Broomfield


10:20 Perfect Storm movie, plus the sound from the clip after is from the previous clip

Author — Mind Hacker


That blue fishing boat has more lives than a cat.

Author — Tuvela T