Ships in Horrible Storms

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Ships in Horrible Storms 4.5

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A collection of videos demonstrating the power of the sea, violent winds and gigantic waves, as well as the fearlessness of sailors.

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💬 Comments

The person landing that helicopter has balls the size of Texas.

Author — SuperDave


Imagine being on a wooden ship in the 1600s

Author — Burnt Toast


I remember going on a cruise in 2012 to Mexico from New york.. one night there was a terrible storm and me and my
wife were in a room near the front of the ship, the noise of the waves hitting the ship were so noisy almost like explosions
and the ship was shaking so much we couldn't even walk on the hallways.. since then I said no more cruises.

Author — gentil gentile


No ocean was hurt in the making of this film.

Author — Anthony Naps


Whew. But, slipping in the CGI scene from The Perfect Storm is cheating.

Author — John Ryan


YouTube just be recommending anything at this point.

Author — Me Myself & I


Crazy seeing them tossed about like that

Author — D Minor


I loved this video it reminded me of the rough seas in the middle of the Atlantic where you couldn't tell where the Horizon was because everything was so gray and you could feel the aircraft carrier sliding sideways off of the swells and at the same time moving in a forward direction.👏👏👍

Author — D Najda


“Hello!, yes I will like to cancel my cruise trip reservation”.

Author — alejofox10


People: We’re in a big ship!
Captain: No guys, we’re in a big shit.

Author — ABID ALI


The Great Algorithm has brought us together once again. Hello, my friends.

Author — Alexandros Triantafillou


What? A clip from ‘The Perfect Storm’? Naughty, naughty!

Author — Paul Ziolo


I just stumbled onto this vid and the sailboat banging onto a cliff at 3:06 was a friend of mine. They fouled the prop and it was too deep to get the anchor to set before they hit the rocks. The RIB is coast guard and after getting a line to the sailboat, they backed away and pulled it away from the rocks with almost no damage. it was towed a few hundred yards to a cove where they dropped the anchor and waited for the weather to clear.

Author — Hayden Watson


I don't know how the helicopter was able to stay in the air carrying the weight of that pilots massive balls.

Author — Jon Davis


As if I needed another reason not to go into the ocean on a floating vessel.

Author — Randomonium


Me at 4 am: hmmm I should go to sleep now...
YouTube: ships in horrible storms.
Me: hell yeah let’s watch this!

Author — Daniel Shamov


When the Captain says "Oh shit" might want to be someplace else.

Author — Scott Hilliard


Salute to brave fishermen around the world ... and Godspeed you home.

Author — CamiemEngineer


During moments like these even an Atheist will say a prayer.

Author — s h


5:55 That boat refuses to sink, I thought it sunk for sure few times only to see it rise up over and over again lol.

Author — Adam Bana