Fujifilm X-T3 Review - 4k 60p, 120p for $1500? Yes please!

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If you have any other questions feel free to comment down below! I did notice the 4k 60p codec falls a part quite a bit faster in grading than the other codecs but still worked pretty dang well.

Author — Matti Haapoja


The dynamic range on Fujis recent offerings are insanely good as well. My XT2 runs laps around any full-frame I've tested recently. Between that and the colors, Fuji really knows what they are doing.

Author — Tohfood


I’ve recently tested it and compared to Lumix GH5 and I’m blown away with the X-T3. AFC works pretty well, although I think it’s a little bit limited for video (only non-resizable one area and face/eye tracking). I don’t miss the lack of IBIS with stabilized lens and/or using a gimbal. But I don’t understand why Fuji has not already released a firmware update with internal recording 422 10bit (the sensor is capable and it is possible via HDMI). I love that it records DCI 4K at 60fps and 420 10bit 400 mbps internally (GH5, in example, downgrades to 420 8bit above 30fps), although it adds an extra cropping of 1.12x. In summary, I only miss that “forgotten” internal 422 10bit and a few options more like shutter metered in degrees (and not to have to change it every time fps also changes to preserve the 180º rule), AFC with tracking more than human faces and a couple more of functions that GH5 has. Very impressed with this camera.

Author — Bezier Pixels


Matti, thanks for such a great review. It is useful to have an objective point of view for a product a whole bunch of people is interested in. I like comparisons, and watching how you compare this camera to other two competitors help a lot. I too like the colors from Canon cameras, and the X-T3 is very close. A couple of my friends like Nikon's greenish tone best. Unfortunately, Canon is a little behind in developing a strong competitor for cameras like the Fujifilm X-T3, or the Panasonic GH5 and GH5-S, picked best cameras for video by DPReview. I look forward to learn more from your videos.

Author — Victor Vega


I've been using my X-T2 for a couple of years now after switching from Nikon and it's the perfect camera system for me. I'm honestly a bit surprised it's taken people this long to notice these cameras. I prefer the dials as I don't need to go into a menu to change settings such as ISO, SS or aperture, which is important as I shoot both photo and video. When used with lenses with built-in stabilisation the handheld footage looks good! I can't see any reason why I would change camera systems anytime soon, excited to see what else is to come from Fuji.

Author — EV KA


Ok so let me get this off my chest. I used to shoot with Fuji (xt2/xpro2) and then I thought going full frame would be the next step up so I sold off the Fuji and got into Sony with A7III. Now that Ive used the Sony for over 1 year (using 85mm 1.8, sony 35mm 1.8, zeiss 55mm 1.8 and zeiss 50mm 1.4) I can say that a huge majority of my favorite pictures all came from the Fuji. Their lenses have amazing rendering for portraits and even landscapes. Some things just can’t be measured on charts but I can see it clearly when I look at the pictures. Needless to say I am still keeping my Sony but have sold off several lenses and I have purchased another Fuji body. I’ll slowly build up the lens collection again. Moral of the story is that bokeh isn’t the end all be all and neither is full frame. This lesson cost me a pretty penny but at least I have peace of mind now.

Author — Youssef Hamidi


I think you missed mentioning out the connectivity options!

Author — Tec Tok by Hareesh


I own an X-T2 and it is a superb camera for photography and an already pretty decent tool for video, even with some limits, I'm definitely going to order an X-T3!
A big advantage of Fujifilm is that they continuously release firmware upgrade also for older camera, adding features like 120p on my older x-t2! No other manufacturers do that!
Quick note although the fujinon 16-55mmf2.8 is a fantastic lens it doesn't have OIS so for video the "kit" lens 18-55mmf2.8-4 would have been a better choice 👍🏼
Oh forgot to mention that the future X-H2 (theFujifilm camera dedicated to videography) will be a monster with this feature and IBIS!

Love your video Matti! 👌🏼🤗

Author — Mattia Meletta


Seriously tempted by the Fuji, filming on an a7iii at the minute but would love to have 4K60 and 4K 10 bit. Only thing I’m curious about are the lens choices, and the fact it isn’t full frame. In some ways it could be a downgrade but in others it would be a massive upgrade especially considering the price... I don’t know, please let me know your thoughts on this!

Author — Jonny Orr


Rolling shutter is so good on this from what I have seen. I hope to see EIS, and DR improvements and finally Full sensor readout 4K, and better AF control while shooting video. Also, I wonder if we could use the USB-C port to record video 10bit external 4:2:2 to an SSD like on the new Blackmagic pocket camera.

Author — Dante Corbett


Great video!!! Would definitely recommend trying the 23mm F/2 lens (35mm full frame equivalent) with e.g. a Crane 2 gimbal. This is the perfect setup for 4k recording.The audio of this camera is also quite a bit better than the A7III, but to top it, you could e.g. go for a 50 USD Rode VideoMicro.

May I ask where you found the LUT created by Fujifilm? :)

Author — Family van Eijk Lamoral


Glad to see that you're giving a Fujifilm camera review on your channel! I've owned the X-100T for photos and now own the X-H1 photo and video. I love their color science. You hit the nail on the head by characterizing Fujifilm's color as very natural. Images and video can be used straight of camera, if you're willing to let go of your post-production addiction (I'm speaking to myself here: self-proclaimed post-production addict). I totally agree with your take that all cameras should include a flip out back screen. As soon as Fujifilm integrates this, a lot more video shooters will be willing to get on board with their system. I would say the X-T3 would make an ideal travel camera for hybrid shooters who can live without a full frame sensor. Its a robust beast for its size.

Author — jamarwright


Z6 for me - I tried a Z7 a few weeks ago and really liked it - even the 24 - 70 kit lens impressed me. If I didn't like and trust Nikon so much I would probably go for the new Canon as all my output is 1080 and the new Canon has everything at that resolution for me.

Author — Mark Shirley


8:37 I've heard a lot about the Sony colors but until now I never had that good of a direct coparison shot. This really made me go: "Ooooh!". It'd be really nice to see a comparison of of Canon, Fuji, Sony (old), and Sony (new) colors - introduced with the A6100, A6400, A6600.

Author — DesertCookie


Wow, great review. Comprehensive, well paced, showed everything I might want to see out of the camera. Even a autofocus comparison. This is some great quality content with lots of relevance and incredibly useful for anyone looking to purchase any current generation cameras for video. Thanks :D

Author — Eric Volpert


I shoot a second hand x-t2 and it's been great for learning photography. Having all the exposure settings on external buttons is really helpful! Other than that: Even the x-t2 is quite capable for video.

Author — kmg1100


There's one thing that you missed. Few months ago, Fuji released a firmware update for the 2 year-old XT2 that includes almost everything in the XH1. They don't come up with a different camera with different features like Sony, they just gave it to you through software updates

Author — A Danial


Been watching your videos for some time, great stuff! The sideways swivel is good for taking pictures in portrait orientation, when you need to be low to the ground, or can't bend down too low. It's not meant for video. The X-T3 will always be a camera first, and video camera second, hence no IBIS, it would make the camera body bigger. The X-H1 is more suited for video. The video features are great none-the-less, and perfect for folks who are looking for a camera that is suited for photography and occasional video-making.

Author — Kinsiderations


I love fujifilm so much! I actually got a fuji xt2 1 & 1/2 years ago for a graduation present. Looked at all of the best mirrorless cameras and decided it was the best option for me. Loved the small, light weight setup, loved the lenses, the film simulations, the dials, the color science, 4k video, the stills pictures, the weather resistance, everything. Several of their lenses are way better than even many of the canon L glass out there. This surprises people who aren't in the know, but fuji makes glass for nasa and hassalbled. They excel at making cameras and lenses, its cliche but its true, its a photographer's camera, for photographers made by photographers.

Sony has their horrible menus and skin tones. Canon while ok I guess, I don't like the big heavy ff dslr's and their mirrorless attempts until recently were horrible. The ceo even apologized recently for their lack of innovation or trying. IDK much about nikon other than they've been around, again big heavy dsrl's, and their new mirrorless is unfortunately no dual slots and little native lens selection at the start.

So in this video the guy kept asking who is this camera for? First anyone on a budget who still wants excellent quality. Are there technically more expensive options that might be slightly marginally better at some things? Maybe, but the difference in quality is very marginal considering the price. No bride will ever look at photos taken with the fuji 23 1.4 and the 56 1.2 and go gee i really wish you went FF for slightly more bokeh. No one will ever say that. Why b/c these lenses are gorgeous. If anything maybe better bc they are sharper wide open. A lot of FF fast glass like the canon's aren't to sharp wide open so u have to step down and lose any of that fast advantage. It's also a great camera for anyone who wants to travel light. I can put my xt2, my lenses, on say a zhiyun crane v2 or even a crane M for several of the lenses and stay super light. Some people's gimbal like their ronin S may weigh more than my entire setup. Finally its great for that older experienced wedding photographer that's just tired of lugging around their 20lbs of lenses. You can have an entire wedding setup for under 5 lbs. Oh and fujifilm is excellent for lazy people who don't like post processing, either in stills or video. Just choose 1 of their fantastic film sims and enjoy great photos right away.

ps: great for people who love great colors, dials etc. no bad sony skin tones, colors or horrible menus. Fujifilm is also famous for their firmware updates, often adding tons of new features, while other companies save their new features for their new cameras you have to buy.

Author — Saiyan_Prince Studios


This is why I love Fuji. Great all around cameras with fantastic color science. I have the XT-2 and X-H1, and have been considering this more and more lately. All in all, great work homie! Loved everything about this review.

Author — Tim DaGraca