IKO Kyokushin The 11th World Tournament

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IKO Kyokushin The 11th World Tournament 4.5
IKO Kyokushin The 11th World Tournament
ИКО Киокусинкай каратэ 11 Чемпионат Мира (2015)
Гамбару Додзё

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i hope iko will add some english subtitle for more efficient understanding of this japanese words, thank you, OSU!

Author — Sid Dik


I laugh everytime people mock on 'no punch in the face' in Kyokushin. Those people don't know that due to no punch in the face, these fighters develop bloody strong resistance on their body like a tank. Anybody can punch in the face and KO others but try penetrating a kyokushin fighter's body and you will be frustrated. You think these fighters cannot KO you with a strike to your head? try them :D

I dont speak out of nonsense, i am not a kyokushin practitioners, I have a black belt from another japanese budo. I have quite many kyokushin friends and when we were younger we used to have light sparring sessions weekly or montly and I always ended up having bruised all over my chest and limbs :) One of them KO'd me once not with high kick but only straight mae geri to my solar plexus. Hell yeah these guys are fucking good

Author — Rizal Djohan


Oss a todos praticante do karatê kyokushin fui aluno da academia da Penha em São Paulo

Author — Vagner Jose Freitas Do Nascimento


44:44 watching it with half speed shows more of their defensive maneuvers and blocks.
Awesome fight. Osu!

Author — Virgod


number 25 of Japan get robbed. he won the fight.

Author — Deltajaguar


Great watch! OSU!


Author — Fabian


Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru brought me here!

Author — William Sleight


Do you have the video about The 12th World Tournament?

Author — 杨延昭


Can i have the title of the music at 11:00 ?

Author — Lay Nadji


Anybody in this tournament coming to mma? We need Karate back on top

Author — mixumup1





Author — XYZ


28:10 что бывает с любым куксиком, если его один раз зацепить в бороду. А не царапать как кенгуру грудак лапками.

Author — Васек Печкин


how come nobody ever throws side kick in these?

Author — Corey Wright


Is it possible to find english subtitles anywhere?

Author — lel


que hacen los niños tan pequeños con un dan a mi asta los 16 años no me dejan tenerlo tengo 12 i empeze a practicar kyokushin con 5 años

Author — derfi 8


I was wondering.in sport karate its point contact, in kyokushin its full contact.why theirs no open hand fight style fight of karate and its allowed strike to the head?

Author — christ cipher


I play kyokushin too been around 6 months and I have noticed many people who play it don't abuse the defensive blocks for punches or use combo for them. Is there a reason?

Author — MMOInformers