How to Build a Garden Room In 1 Day

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Roger and Abe assemble the Grande Garden Room Kit 3 from The Insulated Panel Store.

The Grande is the largest of the insulated garden room range at 5.5 X 3.3 metres.

Some ideas for your garden room:

✔ Bar
✔ Gym
✔ Hair salon
✔ Dog grooming parlour
✔ Summer house
✔ Pool/games room
✔ Photography studio
✔ Office
✔ Man cave

For doors that fit the garden Room kit, visit AWM Windows & Doors.

Each kit includes the insulated roof, wall and floor panels, flashings, accessories and fixing kit.

All you need to complete your build is a solid base and your door.

Product Highlights

• Speed of install - waterproof & wind tight substructure up within 1 day
• No need for timber or steel frame substructure
• Cranked Corners eliminating the need for flashings on the walls
• Insulated Panels are ideal for disassembly and reuse
• Leading thermal performance with QuadCore technology
• Year-round use. These garden rooms are cool in the summer and warm in the winter
• Excellent customer service and after-sales support

00:00 The base
01:13 The kit
02:17 Base track
03:50 Panel installation
05:36 Door head
06:51 Ratcheting
07:15 Ridge support
08:55 Door jambs
10:14 Verge & eaves
12:22 Perimeter seals
13:32 Roof fitting
16:44 Zed support
17:10 Ridge fillers
17:27 Perimeter trims
18:09 Flooring
20:13 Neighbours
21:42 Door fitting
22:13 Finished room

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Hi Roger as a British builder myself I love using the same roof system here in Thailand so easy to use and very strong product. As always I just love your videos no matter what your doing. Keep up the great work. 👍 🙏🙏🙏

Author — Bryan's Thailand


Nice video Roger, I've been looking at these and they look like a good solution to what I'm after. What would you advise around getting electrics into the room and also finishing the internal walls?

Author — Tom Smith


What would make this an even better garden room is, add integral solar panels to the roof panels, with the addition of factory fitted led lighting, run cables in channels out to corresponding wall channels, add a small battery storage/inverter to one wall panel and Bob's your uncle you have an off grid garden room... So easy! If only!

Author — Chris Goodman


I've just helped a friend put one of these up, this video proved invaluable thank you! here's some observations that may help anyone else looking to build one: The head beam is an absolute nightmare to get on, it took 3 of us about 2.5hrs using a process of clamping, bashing and running scrapers up the inside to stop it catching on the insulated panels. The rivet gun absolutely kills your hands, getting one with longer handles is a must in my opinion. When the roof panels seat together they look like the should fit flush but they actually stop about 1cm off each other leaving what I assume to be a ventilation gap running the whole length on the inside, this freaked me out for a bit thinking we had done something wrong but you can just about see them in the video. There is seemingly no way to fit the roof panels without getting them covered in bitumen while positioning them because you have to feed them backwards, then forwards. On the kit we fitted the header corners were mis-labelled but it was obvious how they went on due to the angles.

Author — Chris Stevens


The supply of tea bags and Lion bars is an absolute genius idea ! It just shows the level of detail that has been taken into account.

Author — Steven Clarke


Great modern build! I will look into these! You are the best Roger!

Author — Ronny Olufsen


Great video Roger! Very helpful. Just taken delivery of the same model. Interesting to see they have taken note of what you said with the hand riveter as the one I received with the kit was type you recommended.

Author — Jeff Meddemmen


Nice video Roger. What’s your opinion on these garden rooms in regards to damp etc? Are they a good idea in the UK?

Author — James Nelson


Thanks for sharing Roger, looks like a great product, and expertly assembled.

Author — Phil Hunnisett


You could batten and clad the outside in your timber of choice. Same with boarding inside if you wanted more homely finish. You're getting a good insulated envelope with minimal labour costs. You could just buy similar panels and roof only and attach to timber frame. Fair bit of work on the detailing, though.

Author — Alan Holland


I am very impressed with what you do. cool to be able to build that in one day.

Author — Simple Home Art Decor Ideas


Those roof panels look really interesting, save having to do joists and boarding etc, but I'll have to try work out if it's cheaper - they're very expensive!

Author — Garage Stuff


Your videos are getting better and better. Thanks Roger!

Author — Greenwood Organics


Great garden room, brilliant video - thank you

Author — Healthy Funky Free


What they don't tell you is that even if the concrete base is of level by the slightest amount, and off square by so little, it's a nightmare when it gets to the last third. I've been doing sectional timber buildings for 23yrs. And it still amazes me what some people expect there new buildings to site on. And all there doors and windows to close absolutely fine. I must admit it looks very, very well done 👏

Author — Gordon Mcclung


brilliant video thank you! Hadn't seen modular rooms before

Author — Nigel Harrison


Another great Video, be nice if they did one that would fit a snooker table in. Looks a really neat solution

Author — pls1745


I've seen roof panels, but not wall panels. Great tutorial 💯❣️

Author — Julia Helland


My experience in a conservation area is that you ask if you need any permission and they tell you they don't know and that you should pay a fee to find out. Figure that one out! Job looks great Roger. 👍

Author — OliW


Maybe a small vent would be a great add on to high on one wall. Easy to add later.

Author — Timo Grönroos