Major 'Friends' Fan Selena Gomez Gushes Over Jennifer Aniston

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Major 'Friends' Fan Selena Gomez Gushes Over Jennifer Aniston 5

Guest host Jennifer Aniston welcomed Selena Gomez, who gushed over the former “Friends” star and her character Rachel Green. Selena also divulged that after years of feeling like everyone seemed to be narrating her life for her, she finally took control and allowed herself to be vulnerable for her new album, "Rare."


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I’ve seen a lot of Selena Gomez interviews and she’s always like “meh” in them but this is the most energetic I’ve ever seen her

Author — Jacob Manriquez


selena sounds like a little fangirl when she's next to jennifer

Author — tmyth


Selena’s skin and hair is FLAWLESS. Girl teach me your ways

Author — Rena Ribeiro


Jen is such a mom when she said CD, but we still love her anyway.

Author — Syarif Alkaf


The fact that Selena always wear black when she's on the show

Author — Hana Khalaf


Dear stranger whoever is reading this comment may your parents live a happy and healthy life 😊😊😊😊

Author — clasher k


If anyone understands Selena’s story it’s Jen! Having a super public relationship with another major celebrity for many years and then having to watch their ex with another celebrity woman right after.... They were both labelled as the “left women” by the media, but have come out the other side stronger, graceful and more loved than ever!

Author — blabla666able


I swear Jennifer looks exactly the same as she did in friends series 10 lol 😂

Author — dvg fam central Perk


I want to see Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez together in Ellen! :))

Author — Mary


Let's just talk about how gorgeous Selena is looking especially in her black dress, just stunning

Author — ScarlettP


They act alike even. They’re both very softspoken and kind.

Author — micaelasebaton


"The name of Selena's CD is Rare..." I love that woman

Author — Santiago Restrepo


how did Jennifer host Ellen’s show better than Ellen please

Author — Syeda Ali


She looks like the excited daughter telling her mom she got A.

Author — LX


This interview was too short, she deserves better. I love her and Jennifer tho 💖

Author — Stacey y sus Pollitos


Selena's talking voice threw me off, sounds so different to how I'm used to hearing her but I wonder if its just cause she's older now, or if there is something in her mouth. Anyone else wonder this?

Author — Nakita Cunningham


The way Selena feels comfortable and happy next to Jennifer Aniston and how she genuinely opens up and talk with enthusiasm shows how much they have a beautiful friendship + they’re both amazing women ❤️

Author — D Rex


Selena litterly looks so cute when shes a fangirl

Author — ッ leslie


I don't think I've ever heard anyone describe pizza as "fun".

Author — Bryan Smith


Jennifer Aniston is the friend we all want.. literally

Author — woman 23.