Oklahoma teacher strike: 'I have 29 textbooks for 87 pupils' - BBC News

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Oklahoma teacher strike: 'I have 29 textbooks for 87 pupils' - BBC News 5

Three teachers in Oklahoma open up their classrooms to show the impact of funding cuts in the US state.

They explain why they're joining thousands of other teachers to skip school and protest on 2 April.

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Education gets cuts yearly, yet the military budget is overspending like never before

Author — Kevin Arzola


My heart melted when that teacher talked about making the little leprechaun outfits. They are teaching our future. They deserve better

Author — Julia Crook (Student)


The high school teacher with the blonde hair only gets 3 hours of sleep

Author — Roblox with Metcalfeas


but yet the superintendent does less work and gets paid like a whole lot more.

Author — Jake Farneth


2/3 of these teachers have a separate career from teaching, which is absolutely insane. No career should ever require you to have ANOTHER career because your first career can't support you. Teachers should really be paid more.

Author — veevyo


For a country that boasts about being top dog, we sure do spend a lot more on prisons we could close down, and military equipment we don't need.

Author — Juan Manuel Penaloza


It's almost like we live in a culture that doesn't value education

Author — Nicholas Thiery


As a student I have to say, you either hit the lottery with good education or get screwed over. There’s no in between.

Author — Liliane Grace


when BBC does a better job at covering real American issues than CNN...

Author — Michael Scott


She's a teacher and a judge/lawyer? Wowo! Oklahoma get it together and while i am at it, the whole education system needs to get it together!

Author — Leslie Graham


Here in Singapore, being an educator is actually a respectable profession.

Author — Endelig Gnist


Oklahoma, Kansas, Alabama, Mississippi, etc. are really struggling. Teachers can’t afford to live off the salary. No matter how much they love what they do, they need to be able to survive. This is so sad.

Author — GirlGroup Defense


The rich politicians don’t care about public school, all of their kids are in private school.

Author — Samuel Rosenberg


All that money for education goes to building prisons. O.K. is a very depressing state that hates freedom. More prisons, more prisons, more prisons, more Prisons

Author — uh0oo


“I have 29 textbooks for 87 pupils.”

That’s insane. That means a group of THREE students would have to share ONE textbook. The government has to stop screwing over these hardworking teachers.

Author — Niamh Lacey


teachers probably have one of the most important jobs ever. they literally prepare us for our future and teach us everything we need to know to get us somewhere in life. everybody would literally be nothing without teachers so why are they underpaid? doctors and lawyers have important jobs but they wouldn’t know anything about their field if they weren’t taught about it so why are they getting paid more than someone who literally taught them and helped them get where they are now?

Author — kaelin casper


You know, America claims to be the greatest yet their education system is crumbling and health care is the most expensive in the world. It's a shame.

Author — Suspicious Pooh


The more I hear about budget cuts in public education, the more I'm convinced that this is a conspiracy to dumb down and control the next generation.

Author — Lala


It’s ridiculous the disparity in education across this country. I live in NH and we all have chrome books while they don’t have enough textbooks...

Author — India Siecke


I found the hardest thing about teaching was actually dealing with the parents.

Author — F 1