Oklahoma teacher strike: 'I have 29 textbooks for 87 pupils' - BBC News

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Oklahoma teacher strike: 'I have 29 textbooks for 87 pupils' - BBC News 5
Three teachers in Oklahoma open up their classrooms to show the impact of funding cuts in the US state.

They explain why they're joining thousands of other teachers to skip school and protest on 2 April.

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Is it even legal to not a a school nurse!?!?
America what’s going on! We’re supposed to be a “developed” country!
It’s so sad!
These people need to be paid properly!

Автор — A Sens


Teachers CONSTANTLY work extra hours, spend extra money on supplies, and see no compensation for it ever. They put it in so much extra hard work and their OWN money when they don’t even make that much.... insane

Автор — G Venchy


I am a high schooler in Oklahoma. These videos are not exaggerating in the least bit. I am not able to take Home textbooks, due to the fact that there is not enough. We have to bring our own schools supplies for not only ourselves, but for the school system. On the first day of school my English teacher might ask for stacks of copy paper from the students, or my Geometry teacher might ask the students to donate Clorox wipes; if students and parents don’t donate to the teachers then the teachers have to use money out of their own wallets to get them. Many of our schools building are extremely old. We can’t go into our gym when it’s raining because the water leaks all over. Because of this teacher walkout I haven’t gone to school since March 30th. The teachers in Oklahoma have to put up with so much, they should be payed for that work and be able to work in school with better conditions.

Автор — Andie Hadley


America is the richest country in the world. Why is their education and healthcare lacking in funding? Oh that's right! They need the money to build the wall on the Mexican border and fund the War of Terror.

Автор — sweiland75


33, 000 from 2 Jobs? With a college degree? God bless her

Автор — asseater007


Kudos to these ladies for sticking out. You can tell they really care about their students.

Автор — Lincoln Riddle


All these people disrespecting teachers makes me want to punch the screen. They often have to work during these brakes, grading etc. and my mom works summer school to put enough money on the table. Stop disrespecting them when you don't have a clue what your talking about.

Автор — Aaron Johnson


Nice, US has enough money to bomb other countries and instigate regime change to create things like present day Iraq, Libya and Syria. Yet, they do not take their own country very seriously,

Автор — 優さん


But those poor bankers!
Can you have no sympathy for them that they can't afford a private jet!
Have you no heart.

Автор — johnnybgoodeish


The rich get richer, the poor can't even get an education to pull themselves out of getting poorer.

Автор — Craig Sanderson


What is going on with America's education system. Holy crap. My school wasn't in the best area, didn't have the best teachers but we more or less always had what we need. America is going downhill in so many ways, I feel sorry for everyone who lives there, they deserve better than this!

Автор — C J


This is the types of schools that billionaire Betsy DeVos want for American. No books, large class size, underpaid teachers, four days a week classes and teachers with no certification in the subject their are teaching. Make America poor is the model.

Автор — Hulk Hulk


All that money for education goes to building prisons. O.K. is a very depressing state that hates freedom. More prisons, more prisons, more prisons, more Prisons

Автор — uh0oo


"I'm in eight grade, teaching kids who literally read on a second grade level because they've missed gaps" - This is terrible. This is how we end-up with an uneducated population, which in turn is easily manipulated. Then, we end-up with people like Trump in positions of power. Uneducated people vote in their own disinterest. Just sad ...

Автор — Eusunt Dac


4 day of school, where’s the saying “think of the kids!!!”

Автор — Kami no shippai


What a great system in US! Keep the teacher's wage low, let people stay uneducated....there is no value in education! I am sure China will be better than us for sure in the future!

Автор — BlueSky Ocean


29 textbooks for 87 pupils?

Well, I guess the kids who get to them the fastest can learn.

Автор — Shawn Marino


Trump doesn't want the poor to be raised up he's making sure the rich get richer and the poor get poorer!

Автор — Ann marie White


One of the most underappreciated jobs and many times taken for granted as well. I remember when States started their Lottery's with the idea that the basis was going to help schools and Teachers. Sadly this is not the case all these years later. Sad commentary on how Teachers are not taken care of.

Автор — The Stuport


but yet the superintendent does less work and gets paid like a whole lot more.

Автор — Jake Farneth