The Old 'How Long Should Games Be?' Debate (The Jimquisition)

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 years ago

The Jimquisition has never had a proper episode on game length, because it's old and goes around in circles. However, we're also plugged into the cultural zeitgeist here, because we like saying zeitgeist, so let's dress this mutton as lamb and get to it, son!

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This video was not long enough and I want my money back.

Author — thrillhouse.vanhouten


That ending was brilliant, well done.

Author — Jaggihunter


Portal is one of the tightest and most satisfying games ever, and it's like 3 hours long.

Author — Mushy McMushington


As far as I'm concerned, there is no justification for charging $60 for a game. Yes, they cost a lot of money to make, but you know what? So do movies, but even if they spend $250 million on a movie, plus another $150 million on marketing, they still only charge $8 per ticket. Videogame publishers, on the other hand, have been charging over $50 per game since the days of the NES, when a game never cost more than a few thousand to make.

Author — Dr Shaym


The ending segment and the credits were fucking brilliant. Good 'un.

Author — Grispinne


the witcher is extremely long. every one of the 180 hours i sunk in it was great. every npc has a fucking heart breaking story

Author — George K.


Even if a 5-hour game is of *outstanding* quality, I want it to give me a hefty chunk of content and keep me occupied for a good amount of time, relative to its price.  Charging £40 for a game that barely lasts longer than a Lord of the Rings movie is straight up bullshit.

I have limited income so, when I buy games, I want to know I'm getting something that is not only fun to play, but also fun to play for a good while, until I can afford a new game. 

Author — Peeled Apples


yeah the real criticism of The Order is getting left by the wayside just because of its shortness.

When in reality we should be talking about how its probably one of the most striking examples of missed opportunity in gaming's recent years.

It struck me as similar to Legendary. In that it was a relatively neat premise weighed down by every design decision serving to make the game as bland as possible.

Author — Woodsman


Oh yea. Count me as yet another consumer who was forced to choose one game over both because I couldn't afford to shell out nearly 140$ for two games. When you just look at one game's price, 60$ doesn't seem toooo high. But once you start tacking on multiple games, it's ridiculous. Want three games? 200$. Want four games? Get outta here. No regular joe can afford that many on a standard middle class paycheck. I've paid 60$ many times for a game that, in retrospect, pissed me off because the content wasn't worth that price tag. Here's to hoping a tiered-pricing system eventually gets established because the baseline 60$ never worked, and never will work. It makes the consumer pay too much for sh*t games, and makes consumers skip out on what could be great games just because they can't afford the option.

Author — spookycookies


Is it just me, or does the slowed down Drill Queen theme actually sound cool as shit?

Author — JammyD2579


"Gamers are expected to pay 60 dollars for a game.  And if they want two, thats 120, plus taxes"

They can expect me to pay all they want for a brand new game.  I think I've bought one new game this year.  The rest I've waited till they dropped in price.  You know why they charge 60 bucks at launch?  Because people freaken pay it.  Because they are impatient MORONS.  The order's 5 or 6 hour gameplay wont bother me when I pay 20 bucks for it. probably a year from now.  And you know what?  It will play exactly the same then, as it will now.  Its a video game, not a piece of fruit.

Author — Hasidic Kaiju


9:04 Change the Speed to 0.5 for even more value!

Author — Underdrill


Not long enough at the end. How am I suppose to rub one out with only 56 seconds of "Jim time"?

Author — [sic]


Thank you for finally pointing out what I've been trying to say when it comes to the whole "Well game length doesn't matter at all as long as it's good" argument. I'm so sick of hearing reviewers and other game industry people say this. Yes, I understand that for a reviewer, a short game is preferable. It allows them to get their job done quicker and better, but to the average consumer who's deciding which game to get with the only disposable income they have to get some good relaxation time at the end of a long day, they're obviously going to want the most for their money.

And again, I'm not saying game length is all that matters. Journey is one of the fondest recent gaming memories I have, and I advise everyone with a PS3 to buy that game immediately, but Journey was also less than $10. The mentioning of game length is actually one of the reasons I wait for AngryJoe's reviews. He's one of the few critics that still makes it a point to mention how long the game is.

Author — JustSomeDamnGinger


jim, i fucking love you! watching you on your channel, i just had to go back and watch everything you did. you are quite possibly, THE greatest personality i've seen on youtube. thank god for you!

Author — Javits Jacob


This was a fantastic video! Made me chuckle at the end as well :)

Author — Wolfy


Good video, Jimminy!

Diversity in AAA pricing is actually the best solution I have heard thus far. People should listen into this.

Author — Biran 53


I'm pretty much in agreement with this: your game can be any length you like. I don't mind. But offer me a price that's representative of what I'm getting or I'll look elsewhere.

Journos peddling this shit about how long games are terrible and we should embrace shorter ones come off as disingenuous and contrarian: there's plenty of room for both and each have the capacity to be great or awful.

Author — Interference22


Thank god for Jim's extraordinary length!

Author — KastaRules


I want a function on YouTube that let's me like all uploads by Jim Sterling, just because the quality of the content is so amazing. The extra padding in this episode really allowed me to truly appreciate how thankful I am for him, and I feel like there's no reason to even have an option not to like his material.

Author — James Badger