2016 Ford Edge Sport Review And Road Test - 2.7L EcoBoost Twin Turbo

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2016 Ford Edge Sport Review And Road Test - 2.7L EcoBoost Twin Turbo 4.5

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I prefer the WHITE ...it's a great SUV

Author — Paul


Your reviews are insanely thorough. I appreciate your attention to detail. Subscribed.

Author — Ben Russell


We have the exact model, trim level, color...but a 2015. Quick little SUV! The ride in the Sport is a little stiff for my liking while cruising, but it handles well and accelerates deceptively fast.

Author — TheToekutter


I just bought a sport that looks exactly like this loaded and I am in love with it.
Beware of buying tires for the 21in wheels though as they runs 300- over 500 per tire. Hopefully my tires will last for years and they eventually come down in price =).

Author — Mike W


I have the 16` Edge Titanium (Fully Loaded) and its amazing. My car has amazing acceleration i cant even imagine how fast the sport is...

Author — The Impeccable Coon


Can't wait to drive the new fusion sport with the same engine

Author — Skyhawk1987Turbo


I've always been a fan of the edge. Especially the sport model. Sexy ass car/crossover and pretty quick too. I recently rented the '16 Explorer with the 3.5 litre, non turbo, and it was very hard not to speed. I would be on the highway driving from West Texas to Dallas and I would look down and see if was going 100 mph without realizing it. I really like this new "sport" model with 21 inch wheels, hell yah son!

Author — Chris Gardner


pls make a video about ford edge 2017 sports

Author — John Chao


2.7L twin turbo SUV by Ford? OMG i'm in love

Author — Zhōngwén中文;


Great review! I saw a black sport one at my dealer here in the UK today - very slick! Really annoyed as I bought a Kuga (Escape) back in April and I wasn't told about this coming out!! Will look at getting one in a year or two; hopefully by then Ford will make petrol engines available as it's currently only 2L diesel in the UK for the Edge.

Author — SuperSportsCars


I really love this car.. Currently I have a Ford EDGE SEL 2011, I'd like to own this sport version someday.. it's really really nice :)

Author — julist1010


i got a 2011 base model. freaking still like it alot. this pne looks so much nicer. :/

Author — cgtalk !


i have a 2008 limited and love it. im sure this one is badass!

Author — Guitars Talk and Tech


Hahaha that face when he tought there was an auto close on the moon roof 😂

Author — Daniel Richard


Are you not supposed to hear the BOV on this engine? I dont hear it on mine but hear it on my 3.5L F150.

Author — Jason Peckovitch


Hey, Mike, random question; what do shave your dome with? It's flawless!

Author — Running Addict777


Nice rig, and good sense of humour (9mm, tampons, LOL).

Author — Craig Payne


5.6second 0-60 is pretty quick. I wonder what a tune would be like on This?

The only downside to this rig is that it cost 40k hopefully it depreciated enough in the future

Author — Stuff stuff and More stuff


Discovered something today when looking to replace my 2013 Edge with a new one. In my 2013 I can get four sets of golf clubs across. The new Edge is narrower so the clubs do not fit across. Guess Ford does not consider the width of the cargo area important.

Author — ginsure


Great review, agree it looks best in black, I'm looking fwd to its U.K. Launch

Author — Hope not Hate