2016 Ford Edge Sport Review And Road Test - 2.7L EcoBoost Twin Turbo

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2016 Ford Edge Sport Review And Road Test - 2.7L EcoBoost Twin Turbo 4.5

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I just bought a sport that looks exactly like this loaded and I am in love with it.
Beware of buying tires for the 21in wheels though as they runs 300- over 500 per tire. Hopefully my tires will last for years and they eventually come down in price =).

Author — Mike W


We have the exact model, trim level, color...but a 2015. Quick little SUV! The ride in the Sport is a little stiff for my liking while cruising, but it handles well and accelerates deceptively fast.

Author — TheToekutter


I have the 16` Edge Titanium (Fully Loaded) and its amazing. My car has amazing acceleration i cant even imagine how fast the sport is...

Author — The Impeccable Coon


Your reviews are insanely thorough. I appreciate your attention to detail. Subscribed.

Author — Ben Russell


Hahaha that face when he tought there was an auto close on the moon roof 😂

Author — Daniel Richard


2.7L twin turbo SUV by Ford? OMG i'm in love

Author — Zhōjki中


i have a 2008 limited and love it. im sure this one is badass!

Author — Guitars Talk and Tech


I really love this car.. Currently I have a Ford EDGE SEL 2011, I'd like to own this sport version someday.. it's really really nice :)

Author — julist1010


I've always been a fan of the edge. Especially the sport model. Sexy ass car/crossover and pretty quick too. I recently rented the '16 Explorer with the 3.5 litre, non turbo, and it was very hard not to speed. I would be on the highway driving from West Texas to Dallas and I would look down and see if was going 100 mph without realizing it. I really like this new "sport" model with 21 inch wheels, hell yah son!

Author — Chris Gardner


Hey, Mike, random question; what do shave your dome with? It's flawless!

Author — Running Addict


pls make a video about ford edge 2017 sports

Author — John Chao


Very cool! I have a 2014 Ford Edge and it has done very well for 3 years!

Author — Keith Insurance Agency, Inc.


i got a 2011 base model. freaking still like it alot. this pne looks so much nicer. :/

Author — cgtalk !


Great review! I saw a black sport one at my dealer here in the UK today - very slick! Really annoyed as I bought a Kuga (Escape) back in April and I wasn't told about this coming out!! Will look at getting one in a year or two; hopefully by then Ford will make petrol engines available as it's currently only 2L diesel in the UK for the Edge.

Author — SuperSportsCars


Nice review, my friend! Keep up the good work!

Author — Daddy


I prefer the WHITE ...it's a great SUV

Author — Paul


Nice review, you helped me make my decision to buy a 2016 Ruby Red Edge Sport, of course so did the 2.7 twin turbo!



This is breath taking.... so amazing i love this car i will get it

Author — Martha BENSON


I think the 2013-2016 Dodge Dart/Chrysler 200 had the knee airbag too

Author — Prairie State Auto Restorations


When are you reviewing 2017 edge sport?

Author — Gerardo Gonzalez