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What to do in Milan?
What are some luxury things to do in Milan?
What you need to know before you travel to Milan?
What are the must-see attractions when traveling to Milan?
Where to stay in MIlan, Italy?
Where to eat in Milan?
What are some things you didn't know about the Duomo of Milan?
What to do for 24 hours in milan?
What are the must see things in milan?
Where to get a guide in Milan, Italy?
Where is the piazza del duomo in italy?
Where do shop in Milan?
What is the most expensive store in milan?
Why do they say Milan is a fashion capital?
When is Milan fashion week?
What are top 10 things to do in Milano, Italy?
What are some less known Milan facts?
What are some things to know about Milano?
What are the best galleria vittorio emanuele II facts?
Where to buy tickets for La Scala Opera Milan?
What should you know before traveling to Milan?
Should I visit Milan?
What are some fun things to do in Milan, Italy?
What are the best activities to do with children when visiting Milan, Italy?
What are the best streetfood places in Milan?

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Hey Aluxers, we hope you enjoyed out MILAN Special video!
What do you think? Where should we go next?

Thank you all for the support you've shown so far! We're blessed to have such a great community behind the brand!

Author —


Is not a tour of Milan its a tour of piazza del Duomo 😂😂😂

Author — Marcello Mereu


you show only a small part of Milan. we have much more...

Author — antonio gagliano


Your video:
- arrived by plane in Milan you went by metro in Piazza Duomo
- from Duomo to Galleria
- from Galleria to Scala.
That's not Milan man, that's not.
That 'luxury' you describe is for tourists, and you're a fish

Author — Cristiano Zurini


Wow what a Journey of luxury
please more of this "tours" that was just soo beautiful

Author — David Oliveira


This experiment was a success I must say.

Author — Tanmay Nafe


you guys should make a video about the founder of alux!! he seems like a very interesting person!!

Author — maison martin margiela


Paris, London, tokyo, new york and rome would be lit

Author — Tyler Penta


1:03, I’m brown I’ll be recognized as a tourist anyways 😂😂



Watching this really makes me want to up my production quality... really amazing video. It always makes me sad when I see people that don't travel. There really are incredible places in this world and it's absolutely worth it to see everything.

Great video, Keep up the great work. This types of video is why I got into learning how to make money online.

Author — Mitch Parker


Wow, I'm absolutely in love with this Alux ❤️❤️❤️

Author — Amanda Capstick


We get city guides now ? well daamn !
I rate this 11/10 I hope we get more guides in the future with more cities

Author — Andrei 08


This video was awesome after seeing this video i feel like going to milan next day plzz keep making this type of video this kind of video are really inspiring 🌍🌍🌍😁😁

Author — araz sheikh


Milan was great, the Milan cathedral was beautiful, the last supper was a must see as well. The food in Milan was great but Florence had better steak and Sicily had better pizza. Still, pasta was great, wine was amazing. Overall Milan is one of the best cities I've been to, there's history, art, culture and unique to Milan is fashion and commerce. All of Italy is awesome and each city has it's draw but Milan was amazing, Venice is a close second then Florence. Yeah I spent a lot of time up north.

You are right about rude staff, it's not just there. Florence has very nice people though. Milan must be too fast paced. Still, awesome city I will visit again

Author — Mark Morales


Living near milan, i never get to appreciate it much, but it IS beautiful.

Author — Actar


Hi, a very good video, i'm writing from Milan, and i work in the tourism! That is the first time than i saw a correct travel guide of the city of Milan do by a foreign. Just a detail, there are many other wonderful place in Milan, not only Scala/Duomo/Galleria, but I understand that it was not possible to make a video longer than that

Author — Fortunato Monti


10:00 WRONG: Milan is the red cross on white. The central white cross on red is the emblem of the House of Savoy, former kings of Italy. But thanks for the video.

Author — emanueledes7


The first time I visited Italy, which was in May 1997, one of the places our tour group visited was Milan. We visited the mall and the opera house that are seen in this video. There is a mall in Naples that looks like the one seen in this video.

Author — Bill Bergendahl


Create more videos like this. It’s so much fun to watch and give an idea of what I can do next time I visit the featured city. I hope to meet you guys soon.



Looking forward to going in July, with a one day trip to Lake Como.

Author — franko gesby