Machine Gun Kelly, Camila Cabello - Say You Won't Let Go (Live)

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Machine Gun Kelly, Camila Cabello - Say You Won't Let Go (Live) 5
Machine Gun Kelly and Camila Cabello covers James Arthurs Say You Won't Let Go in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

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I really love it when she sings "you look as beautiful as ever"at 2:00 . You can really see she thinks about someone because then there appears a little smile on her beautiful face. I love her.

Author — Lena


2:49 it looked like he got worried because she sounded like she was gonna cry. 💔

Author — emoxbabe


I actually liked MGK in this. He's a rapper, it's unreasonable to expect from him that he sings perfectly. I thought it was awesome that he did it tho - they sound really good together.

Author — Nina Hoekstra


At 2:49 you can literally see him be so memorized by Camila his Jaw actually just dropped. You can clearly see him losing all strength in his jaw. And then at 2:53 you can see him realizing that and clenching it. Her voice is truly amazing

Author — Martin Slint


how could anyone hate on Camila she is amazing

Author — Caeley Cook


2019: yt - oh btw did you see this cover already?

Author — hannibd


I don't know but i really loved this version. Mgk's rap, Camila's voice god damn it's just so perfect

Author — Fritz Janelle Cabanes


Camila sang from her heart. She placed a lot of emotions in the song which made me cry. This song usually hits my heart forcely, but when Camila sings it, it just explodes. 🦋💞

- August, 2018

Author — AllyKin-S


When MGK looked over at camila when she said “you look beautiful as ever”

Author — ultyejisu


I love to watch Camila get into the music. The best part of any performance is when you can feel the passion in the artists' voice. True passion is something that has gotten lost overtime, but Camila is truly a breath of fresh air.

Author — v


She did not open her eyes ... this is clearly connected to something, probably memories, I say this because of her emotion ...
ah camila, who do you love who never knew that..?

Author — Vitória Cardoso


Camila:”you look as beautiful as ever”
Mgk: *looks at her* “aye”

Author — Paige Allm


MGK n Camila are one of a kind. They are amazing singing together.

Author — Sharika Cruz


And I never though for a minute
If you showed me a picture where my life now
But you wouldn't be in it

Took me a couple months to say I loved you but I meant it

when I said it

wasn't much about romantic but you get it

Did it really small but when I rolled it up you heard it

and we lit it up

choke in our kisses

I used to have someone in 3am that I can call

Now we just rising and i don't get nothing at all

Where you at girl

Author — Bae Suzy


*When Mgk bites his lips and smiles he looked so cute* 1:59

Author — The one that got away


This was just pure perfection. Camila puts so much emotion in singing, you can see it clearly. It's what I admire most about her. I keep coming back to this video, flawless vocals and so much emotion. Pure perfection.

Author — Kiomi Van Dijk


I don't want to say but this reminds me of Camren! 😭😭

Author — Diasmc Coelho


She put so much emotions when she sing this song, it's heartbreaking

Author — Enora Carvalho


MGK LOVED HIM FOR GIVING HER courage to leave do her and as well as Shawn these guys did something amazing. Shawn n Machine deserves all the success in the world.

Author — Sharika Cruz


I like mgk but this would have been better with just Camila

Author — Kpop enthusiast