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Today I will be diving into the world of modifying your Naturally Aspirated (NA) Ford Falcon, or any P Plate, non turbo car. Wheels, Suspension, Brakes, Power mods, cold air intake, exhaust, tint, the options are endless, its hard to know when to stop! I hop this list helps anyone out who is stuck on what to do to their first car, or their Ford Falcon in general :D

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If you guys want to see the Turbo Version of this video please jump on my channel! I’m sure there will be some other video up there you all like! Cheers guys! ✌️

Author — @ZacBaldy


Thanks. You have great enthusiasm. I would put 1. extractors and exhaust upgrade; 2. Strengthen suspension (not lower it) 3. Better instrument lights; 4. Extra gauges eg oil, volts; 5. Tint windows and spoilers if not already on; 6. Better heat extracting diff cover; 7. Transmission cooler and better pan if possible; 8. Better oil pump. 9. Driving lights and nudge bar for out in country. All it needs is money...

Author — @bernhardk7720


1 black rotiform blq rims
2 pedders lowered suspension
3 fpv gte body kit
4 halo headlights
5 twin tip exhaust

Author — @rhain_heelclicker


Mine would be for a vl calais on my ps
1. A nice set of wheels
2. Exhaust system
3. Bigger cam
4. Custom seats with my plate imprinted on the headrest
5. Some Bowdens polish and car wash to give it a weekly wash and polish.
Love the work zac keep it up. Do a bog skid and film it

Author — @brockgrima3377


1 valve springs and retainers
2 billet oil pump gears
3 headstuds
4 exhaust
5 stage 2 pbr breaks

Author — @joshbrackin1586


1. Coilovers (lowered around 10mm lower than sssl springs)
2. 19" wheels (with fitment similar to zac's fg here)
3. Intake
4. Standard fg turbo catback with stock cat and pacemaker 4495's (highflow cats on na barras sound like dog shit)
5. Rear window spoiler

Author — @robbie4339


Yes Zac keep the falcon content coming love it bro ❤️

Author — @keeghanpsn5702


1. If >100K kms new shock absorbers. OEM or Bilstein.
2. Poly bushes for sway bars.
3. High quality tyres - Michelin, Continental, Pirelli, Bridgestone et al.
4. Headers and dyno tune.
5. XR6T DBA rotors and Ferrodo pads.

Author — @fredlachy


1, change the XR6 snorkel to a XR6T or XR8
2, If you cannot get pacemakers, high flow cat 100 cell or 200 cell and a high flow muffler
3, XR6 mag wheels
4, put a proper suspion for strength and control
5, buy a proper cold air induction kit if you would like to remove oem air box and filter
6, cam kit
7, proper dyno tuning

Author — @Notaer6n


Cold air and exhaust.
Camber kit and coil overs
Wheels and tyres

Author — @driver3025


I have a NA XR6, I was thinking of put on some extractors and exhaust system but I might go ahead with it because I haven’t heard any Barra 6 cylinder that doesn’t sound hollow, a lot of them sound sound terrible. The other reason is these XR6’s have terrible cabin sound proofing, the noise will give me a headache on long road trips .

Author — @conservativesniperhunter7439


Hi Zac, love the videos, just a quick one, saw next to your push start button an XR6 sticker normally where the f6, gt ect goes, been looking for one of these for years, cheers

Author — @sg8107


Question, what’s the difference between an FG xr6 turbo vs and FG xr6…?

Other than the turbo

Author — @Oni____


1. PACEMAKER extractors
2. AVID AV-06 rims
3. sway bar
4. air bags
5. engine valves springs and water pump

Author — @ethanwicks5053


Top 5 first things i did when i got a NA falcon xr6 was trans mounts, bushes, rocker cover gasket, plugs and sparks xD

Author — @kodokuproductions1570


2012 Xr6 FG N/A
Tora rotors and pads (installed)
Street Fighter cold air intake (installed)
Xforce 2.5 cat back exhaust (install this week)
Genie TriY headers (install this week)
Magna Flow 100 cell cat (install this week)
Before and After Custom dyno Tune (July 2020)
Number plate covers (installed)
Painting my factory rims black with gloss (July)

Author — @frostyxr6736


Hey Zac, Love the tik tok videos.
I have a 2004 ford falcon sedan BA XT. I’ve got 20”s on it, an exhaust and window tint all round. I’m just wondering if you think it would be worth it too put a cold air kit in it, aftermarket brakes and suspension and i’m getting a bonnet scoop made for it. Do you think it’s worth spending all this money on stock falcon or should I wait down the track when I upgrade? Cheers mate

Author — @hunchosam9216


Curious question mate why would your second modification be a set of wheels that does not increase the vehicles overall performance where it increases the overall visual look but I’m pretty sure I prefer more power than to look sexy and have no balls😅

Author — @jarrodmartin5279


I have an N/A FG XR6 and.... I love it 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ I can't afford to buy a turbo now (I'm 25 and on my opens). I'm kinda stuck with it now and I do not mind one bit. They're a great car and so much fun. One day i'll have something else with a bit more power but i'm really happy with my car for now 🤷‍♀️😁 Wheels, coilovers, tint 🤟

Author — @rissagibson4151


I'm glad you mentioned brakes. Nothing looks worse than big wheels around tiny brakes, IMO.

Author — @nickycrea6075