Making a Real Wavy Flag

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Making a Real Wavy Flag 5

Follow me as I create a carved Flag with an angle grinder. My Carved Flags are made to have the appearance that its Waving in the wind.
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Thank You all who have taken the time to watch this video. A few of you have pointed out the goof with the stripe and yes I got distracted by making my second video. The mistake was caught as I was filming the closing shots and I felt like someone kicked me the the stomach. But I did go back and I sanded and repainted. The short version of the video shows the corrected union. Thanks you all for leaving a comment and a thumbs up, hell or even a thumbs down that means you at least watched some of the video.

Author — Seans Rustic Designs


This is without a doubt the best wood flag I`v ever seen ! WELL DONE

Author — RAIDER69


Now you need to fill the frame with clear epoxy resin - make a table top .

Author — S H


Outstanding job "sailor." Those who gave you a thumbs down are simply jealous of your skills. Well done.

Author — DCon


I would love to add this piece to my newly built patio but I would have to make it out of pressure treated wood so it lasts. I’d also have to clear coat it several times to withstand the exterior. Thanks. Excellent job.

Author — Jeep Rubicon


Outstanding! I would love to hear the justification for any of those thumbs-downs. I can’t imagine it being anything other than people from other countries or people who just plain don’t like the American Flag! The work and results look flawless to me! I never would have thought about the aging.

Author — Super Goober


I love this I love this oh did I say I love this?? Peace and be good to each other. Stay safe, stay inside, keep your distance, save lives.

Author — Danny Lowe


Turned out so beautiful! Best looking flag on the planet.

Author — Tufan Kilinc


Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight. 👍🏽

Author — Mike


Ur the GOAT of ur tase for this one! Much love and respect to u, sir! Proud to be American !!! Proud

Author — Charles Aderholt


Such a beautiful job- I am not sure I would apply the "dirty" stain to it though if I went through all that to make it.

Author — cheserex


Absolutely amazing work! Can you share some details as to which carbide carving wheel you used? Thank you.

Author — Chris Clark


As a veteran I’d be glad to hang that on my wall any day

Author — jason clover


I have see a lots of carved flags, you have made one of the best I have ever seen, outstanding work.

Author — Keith Spencer Sr.


Watching this build I immediately thought of the song "This ragged old flag" by Johnny Cash

Author — smallmoe


I'm definitely trying this project as soon as I can get to Home Depot. Stuck at home now because of the virus but excellent creativity and instructional!

Author — Gentlemen's Edge


Great job.imyself am making flags. I have done several wavy ones. I haven't put a frame around it but I like the idea...especially with a light on the top illuminating the to figure out how to make a frame lol

Author — Jason Preissler


Ha Ha, HAD to Laugh at the " KILL ME NOW " comment LOL..

Author — Frank V


Love it this could be something that could last a very long time out side

Author — SNOOP U 2


Smithsonian Museum! Your Flag needs to be there! 🇺🇸
Respect, from 🇨🇦.

Author — rob379