Raid on Goldshire-Moon Guard

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 years ago

This raid was done on Goldshire on the US server Moon Guard. Moon guard is an intensely populated RP/ERP server.

I apologize for the very quiet mic quality. I was not aware of this while recording the video.

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let these people become honorary members of the alliance and grant them the title of either Goldshire's savior or The purifier of Goldshire

Author — Greywall


It was fun to be in that raid. I hope it's a weekly thing. Once is never enough. Finally back on horde. Thvedan is me. Pesky alliance had it coming. 

Author — warzone303


and so, Goldshire became a clean place for moments... what a rare sight

Author — Silvar


well this was anticlimactic, I expected a huge battle to erupt, and the most it was killing the odd lvl 58-60 DK

Author — Dan The Watcher


I'm actually half surprised that the raid team didn't undress and join the freaks in the Inn. Would have been somewhat entertaining to see it though. This seemed to go on for quite a long time considering the raid team was full armor and the Inn patrons were in their underwear.

Author — David McManus


Freakin NICE!! i LAUGHED the entire time, i so <3 Being on MG!!!! YAY!! first

Author — Lexi Salice


I have a better idea: gathering 100 paladins, never stop duelling everyone there without forgetting roleplaying as a palatard!

Author — ssj3 theoutsider!


you should make a video all about the Moonguard Realm and their cybersex community, from the toads and toadettes stalking Goldshire, to the pay-extra-cybersexxer, they take you on a sexy flight on the back of their dragonform from the vail of sands... Cybersex with another player in dragonform... how wow is that?!?! "TOP TEN PLACES IN WORLD OF WARCRAFT TO HAVE CYBERSEX!"

Author — Razertail Druid


glad to see a back pedalling clicking dk with a total of 10 key binds thinks he's neat for raiding goldshire lol

Author — Khutum Kat


Nice pvp raid on a pve server l0l, where you roleplaying the hardcore pvp

Author — Tesern


Luckily I help kill the raiders ( ganking inst cool bro.)

Author — Mara Jade