This Week in Gear up Landing News: Some Takeaways

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This Week in Gear up Landing News: Some Takeaways 5

News copters with gyro-stabilized cameras also have police scanners so they get some awesome footage of gear-up landings. As pilots, we can always learn from these things, as this week's AVweb news video reports.

AVweb full video on gear up landings:

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this just in: Career German 747 pilots are better flyers than Doctors from Idaho

Author — LtRiot


If he always landed 5 feet in the air, like he did in San Diego, that is probably how the landing gear got broken in the first place!

Author — dannafe


The last landing looked like the pilot had experience with gliders. The first one not so much.

Author — fritz4345


Stalled "at 5 feet" is a generous assessment. Looks more like 10 feet. Pretty bad

Author — aviatortrevor


Remember people. It’s the vertical speed that usually gets you. Better to be 5 knots fast at 4ft then 5 knots too slow at 40ft!

Author — Ben D


My gear is "down and welded!"

Author — Richard Darlington


My first impression. the stall was a result of trying to stretch it to the foam.

Author — anthony devita


I read of a gear up landing many years ago. The pilot stated he forgot to put the gear down because he was distracted by the landing gear warning buzzer.

Author — jnbfrancisco


Tower, I've decided to panic, miss the foam, shit me pants an sacrifice this bird to that black hard stuff...

Author — Gazrat jackson


That Malibu lost it just before the lading he stalled and damage the aircraft a lot more.

Author — Monk Petite


Sorry to say that but that was more of a misjudged "arrival". Stalled at more than 10 feet. Luckly no harm to people.

Author — Zacky531


The second landing was smooth as butter! Amazing skills, thanks for sharing so we can all learn from these events.

Author — Life Exotics


It’s really hard to do a gear up landing when the gear is “down and welded”

Author — Alana Spurling


Just yesterday I was privileged to witness a gear up landing at Gold Coast INT Australia happened to a flight school that is next to my flight school

Author — TopGunGamer


Anyone notice the correct application of rudder during the stall? A lot of harsh criticism here. I guess there is a lot of gear up landing experience going around. Cheers

Author — William Dyer


I fly gliders and wonder if the glider landing flight characteristics are similar to a power plane gear up landing.

Author — Vagabundo


If i had that perfect gear up landing on video it would be the only thing in my resume'

Author — R Gunness


Just yesterday here at Goodyear airport KGYR the German student pilots put one down on the belly

Author — Dandula


Pilot got scared, panicked. Glad he survived. I thought piper landing gear lowered by gravity.

Author — B Street


Guzamm, , those folk are smooth. I have never flown anyting and wondering how long a pilot has to fly to be as good as those that settled down so smooth, , looked like they do it every day, , , , Thxs for posting this, , , gb

Author — Glen Baker