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What If Fox News Covered Trump the Way It Covered Obama? | NowThis 5

What if Fox News covered Trump the way it covered Obama? It would look like this.

Imagine if Fox News Channel reported Trump news today like it used to report on the current events of President Obama's administration. US news today is as splintered as ever. When it comes to politics news, President Trump prefers Fox News over CNN TV, and right wing media like Fox News prefers him back. This NowThis News videos shows what it might look like if Fox News dropped its media bias on air to accurately report on Trump today and the current White House. How would Fox News report on the affordable care act, health care, and the justice department in this twilight zone? What would Sean Hannity say about Trump? The Trump Obama media split continues to have long lasting effects.

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Send this video to Trump and claim that Fox is talking trash about him.

Author — A Nonymous


I could almost swear to god that they were talking about trump.

Author — Rebel90x


All these statements literally only apply to Trump not Obama

Author — Bax Star The Rock Star


Trump supporters: “this is fake news.... oh wait it’s Fox”

Author — Soros W


"A sitting president doesn't criticize his predecessor ESPECIALLY BY NAME"

Trump and his supporters every 5 seconds - But, but, but Obama this and Obama that

Author — Jay


Lol, non American here. Just saying Obama was liked the world over and as for stock the world over

Author — Jordi Monkman


Jesus, the accuracy when applied to Trump is crazy!

Author — Kimmy


I am SOOOO going to reply to at least one Trump tweet a day with this video. Won’t you join me?

Author — Dave Nalesnik


Just show this to Republicans when they claim that CNN is biased.

Author — Ethan


If you didn’t look at the title, you would definitely think they’re talking about Trumpf

Author — Mister Baiter


Fox News, the worst “news” channel in history.

Author — johnnyguitar2929


god, fox news is such a joke. it's not even funny anymore, it's just difficult to watch.

Author — öwen


They just hated him because they were racist and they don't like Democrats.

Author — Jimena Pardo


This is perfect. Trump needs to see this. It’s hilarious how the longer the video runs for, the more it applies to him.

Author — Gus J


I think the funny part is that Obama wasn't like this at all. They were just making up nonsense. However, this applies to Trump.

Author — GlitterFairyLilo


The only wrong thing is “Without the teleprompter, the president doesn’t know exactly what to do correctly.” Trump still doesn’t know what to do even with a teleprompter.

Author — ThatGuyAlex 24


Fox when Liberals golf: 👎
Fox when Republicans golf: 👍

It’s like Fox is payed to be conservative 24/7... that’s propaganda regardless of what political party you support.

Author — Brando Dano


Hilarious !!!, please rename this “Fox on the president “ let people decide who it’s referring to .

Author — basil genimahaliotis


They were talking as if they didn't know they were being recorded.

Author — John Horter


WOW Every single word describes Trump. Were they bashing Obama, or predicting the future president?

Wow..thank you all for all the likes...now over 3K likes. 👍

Author — Thumbs Up