World's Cheapest RC Drift Car - How bad can it be!

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Author — Kevin Talbot


That little plane was quite impressive. Max did well, he must have snuck off and done some flying while noone was looking. The balance of RC stuff you just demoed were ok, but you do get what you pay for.

Author — Pablo668


What a dope rc haul! Super fun to tinker with I'm sure. That plane will probably last you. Crazy how durable and capable they have gotten.

Author — Tony Ballesteros


Those cheapos are surprisingly capable, the plane is amazingly durable as well!

Author — BuilderBasti


Those Eachine warbirds are actually pretty capable little planes! It didn't get that great of a showing here, but they are solid little buggers if you put in a bit more flight time before attempting to fly without the gyro. ^^

Author — Teaddict


Kevin, I have an RC challenge for you. Build the world's fastest RC Tank. You have a couple of them you can modify, don't you? I think if you can get the tracks going fast enough it can skip over water like the XMAX. Would be one heck of a video! If anyone can do you can. You might start a new competition. lol

Author — Farmer Fpv


I’m surprised by the drift car it looks pretty cool and it’s honestly pretty good for the cheap price

Author — Bolterria


I always love the Banggood special videos Kev such good fun haha

Author — Sam DeMarco


I thought this channel would annoy me. But he definitely grows on you. I love his motto about having fun. I need to remember that.

I was always told to try hard and have fun.

Author — Comments Allowed:


love this type of content !!! should post more of these !!!

Author — GW


its awsome to see so much rc variety on one channel

Author — Byron B


Sometimes (not always) the cheap crap puts a huge smile on your face! If you destroy it your not emotionally (financially) damaged!

Author — Craig McVeigh


Great video! Some cheap cars can be really good fun!

Author — RC Watson


that little orange and black one is actually pretty cool. I know Kev has a whole lot of cars which is probably why he only showed it for 5 seconds as its not like super remarkable but, I bought one at walmart under a different name that's green and black the only difference is mine doesn't have those big cylinders over the body mounts but anyways for the less than 15 bucks it's actually an absolute ripper. for the size it hauls to 17 mph and will even rip wheelies at like 15 mph. its a little hard to control at that speed as the suspension and everything is pretty cheap but honestly if you're trying to get your kids into RC and you don't want to spend hardly anything pick it up. charges to full in like 15-20 mins battery lasts almost 7-10 mins. 5 mins if you're flat out the whole time. it doesn't have loads of low end torque and the steering servos are really weak but, overall its an awesome little tiny with working headlights and roof light bar with variable speed options and variable throttle control for less than 15 bucks. Head to Walmart, in toy isle, I found it on a mod(end of shelves between isle's) white box called Power CRAZE 2.0. I mean its not exactly a Losi Micro T (which i had and also upgraded to full brushless lipo setup which is absolutely awesome btw! if you have the $$$ I highly recommend it! Once you Fully upgrade them to the absolute max the $3-400ish bucks I cant remember that was a long time ago. Gonna buy a Mini T and do it again soon) but its damn cool and it doesn't break even crashing into things at full speed. so its perfect thing to get kids plenty of speed to keep them interested and wont just immediately be destroyed so they wont lose interest right away. My 15 and 16 year old boys even absolutely love the thing we literally take the little thing outside everyday just to rip the patio and sometimes the road up! but not joking we rip the little guy everyday and its been nothing but awesome for the 15 bucks. I've been in the RC game since i was like 14 when i got my first hobby level nitro car (HPI Nitro MT) (it was not rtr lol i did not know what that meant as before that all i ever got was cars from radioshack so i built it all by myself and have been hooked on it ever since but after joining the army and having kids i couldnt afford to keep going with it so much) so I say this with at least a little backround in RC. Totally worth it! perfect stocking stuffer cheap birthday gift for the kiddos or nieces and nephews or hell even a good gift for your son to get his friends for their birthdays, no joke for the money it's legit awesome! kinda wish Kev would've said more about it but also i can see why it wasn't all that appealing to someone that has literally every one of our dream RC's and then some lol! What i wouldn't give for a Kraton 8s or traxxas summit or xo or hell any of them in those or really any of the ones on his wall or under it lol. last really cool car i had was the traxxas Jato 3.3 and that thing was awesome and electric at the time wasn't really comparable. it was close but nothing like it is today. and honestly with the headaches nitro is i can't wait until i can finally get something like those again. Teenagers are expensive and I'm only an 80% rated disabled veteran so idk when ill be able to get something but hopefully some day! sorry for the book i just really wanted to go into depth a little more than Kev did on that little car because its really great for someone who wants to have fun and minibash! especially when they cant afford anything really cool

Author — James Dean


Love the drift videos kev, amazing content too 😊😊

Author — OBIE SIR


Absolutely hilarious really enjoyed the video.
Thanks, Kev

Author — Ter1000zx10r


The ae86 is my favourite one here! I would drift it all day long if I had it!

Author — Recordable 2000


Maybe Cleetus could give you some flying lessons 🤣😂

Author — tyrone w


I'd like to see a Cheap-O RC Crawler (Like an MN99) vs an Expensive-ish Crawler (Like a TRX4m). Then compare to the cost of upgrades to the MN99 to equal the price of the TRX4m and see which is a better value.

Author — ThymeBear


I am actually surprised by Max's performance with the plane, very well done

Author — Mk