BEAT ANY ESCAPE ROOM- 10 proven tricks and tips

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10 tips to dominate any Escape room!



Summary: I visited Dr. Scott Nicholson in Brantford, ON Canada since he is the world expert in Escape Room design. After meeting with him for a day here are the 10 tips I came away with to beat any escape room:

1. Think simple
2. Searching
3. Organize your stuff
4. Focus on what is stopping you
5. Team roles
6. Lock types
7. Code types
8. Written clues
9. Look for patterns
10. Your guide is your friend



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i honestly wanna see the lockpicking lawyer do an escape room now, and just pick open every single lock and escape within 5 minutes.

Author — pixel


A tip for finding things an “average” person would know instead of going down rabbit holes: If the knowledge you have had to do with your profession, or is something that only certain groups of people would know, then it’s probably not the answer.



Tip 1: Bring LockPickingLawyer
Tip 2: Escape through unlocked door

Author — VeNoM0619


1 slight amendment if ur gonna go do an escape room. For #2 when he said start searching immediately, beware, yes do search, but carefully and without messing things up as best as possible. We failed our room because there was a dart board and the first thing someone did was pull out the darts to look at them, and behind the board. Turned out the whole room revolved around knowing which initial positions those darts were in! So we lost! The point is, SEARCH CAREFULLY!

Author — Kujo


As someone who works at an escape room, I can confirm that all of these tips are valid and EXTREMELY helpful! I already tell customers some of these, but I'll definitely be telling them the rest now!
Another tip I use is to not be afraid to ask for hints. At my job, we give unlimited, so people are usually more willing to ask for help. But even if you're limited and you're really stuck, some times one clue is all you need to continue the room.

Author — Niki Samero


I went to an escape room. Found a key and it broke inside the lock. I sat there for 10 minutes before the staff came in and asked me why I wasn't doing anything. They had to get a lock cutter for me to get through to the next part. It was fun

Author — Diamond in VR


Thanks to these tips, me and my friends were able to do far better than the majority of beginners in their first escape rooms…

By finishing 1 minute over the time limit!

We’re definitely going to pass the next escape room! Thanks for your advice dude!

EDIT: Also, it was just three of us, and the owner was very impressed!

Author — 4Tifier


Looking back, I'm so glad I came across this video. My escape room record thus far is 2-1, I barely didn't escape my first room even with the tips but I'm sure w/o them we wouldn't have made it far. Using the tips again and knowing more of what to look for, I and my group were able to break out of 2 rooms. This is a great guide for any newbie who wants to start playing escape rooms with their friends and families and makes the experience really fun.

Author — Tommy Phan


Final solve for an escape room I did was a number lock. To get the number, we had to solve a math equation, which we found by turning off the lights to the room and shining two different laser pointers at specific angles from two different spots in the room, and the various mirrors create the said math equation. Finding the laser pointers, where to put them, what angle to put them at, all required separate series of puzzles on their own.

Author — Min Cong Huang


I've done a fair bit of escape rooms and some of them back these up while others disprove these

For instance, most escape rooms I've done have had a discard draw for used keys and locks, both to further enforce you don't need them anymore and so that the people who reset the room have all the pieces in a convenient location

Other rooms I've done though have had pretty obtuse solutions. One involved knowledge of Cthulhu and how to pronounce the words they offer, one involved requiring knowledge of paintings, and one involved having to do long addition

Oh and one required looking under a mannquins skirt. That's really neither here nor there but I thought it was funny

Author — Trustin Dean


i heard that you can escape in less than 1 minute by having a panic attack in the corner.

Author — TurboNauts


I'm the Head Trainer at my goal, we hit one of our goals and I took my team of trainers to an escape. None of us had EVER done one before and it was a 7.5. We made it to the very last room and tried to get super complicated on the puzzles. The guy came in after the hour was up and said "yea all you had to do was match the animal symbols to the wall and put a little of bit of pressure against the plate". So that "Think Simple" tip goes a LONG way. Haha we're doing our 2nd escape room this weekend.

Author — Shakeem Brown


A friend and I did a cool Escape Room which was 3 separate rooms and Sci-Fi themed.
One of the clues involved a star chart, the other was arranging weapons a certain way on a weapons rack and so fourth. You had time limit to get to the final room which was set up like a bridge of a space ship and you had stop it ship from crashing into a planet.

Author — Captain Obvious


I would say that everyone working working on one puzzle can be counter intuitive at times. For example, there may be two different puzzles that have clues scattered around. So if you immediately hone in on one, you may miss clues for the second. In addition, its better to have everyone working on different ones instead of one singular, since then you can come up with solutions for all three in that time instead of one.

Author — Manastorm


This video is great! My older brother loves your videos and told me to watch this video before doing the escape room I was going to do later that day. But, I forgot, and totally failed the escape room. I wish I had watched this video before the escape room, but I hope these tips help if I do another one. Also, I know what you mean about red herrings; 58 was written on a box, and we thought it meant something. But, after we lost and a staff member came in, he said the numbers didn't mean anything lol.

Author — Jeanne Lindsay


*casually watches in quarantine with no chance of going to an escape room*

Author — SodaDoesArson


I just went to an escape room with some friends and we went to the hardest difficulty room, i thought we wouldnt make it out because we had been there before on a lower difficulty and barely made it out with a lot of clues.
But we got out of this one with 5mins spare and i followed these tips, thanks for the tips :D

Author — Grace’s Sketches


My family lost an escape room yesterday because we got stuck on a combination lock that the answer to a riddle was the lock code and even clues weren't helping us. Turns out we technically had the correct answer the very first time to the riddle but where we are from a different spelling of the word is used. So we lost all that time trying to figure out that code.

Author — Jasmine Ertha


Thanks Mark! I'm going to an escape room today, so these tips should definitely help!

Author — Pineappleplayz YT


I went to an escape room for the first time with my D&D group, and we actually work pretty well together. We did most of these things kind of automatically and we would've beat it If we had 30 more seconds. The key was IN THE LOCK!

Author — Michaella Norby