Breathe Life Into a Psytrance Track with Cinematic Sound FX | Sound Design Tutorial by Black Marvin

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Black Marvin shows you how to create energy and bring life to a Psytrance track with cinematic sound FX!

Mentioned Ghosthack Sound Libraries:
* Psytrance Awakening for Serum 2

* Tension - Cinematic FX

0:38 - Showing a Psytrance track pattern with kick, bass, snare and hi-hat
2:34 - Adding a "Whoosh" with a lot of reverb before introducing snare and hi-hat in the track to fill the space (KarmaFX Reverb)
3:51 - Use Impacts as drums with post-processing (EQ, FabFilter Pro-Q 3, KiloHeart's Haas, OTT, OrilRiver)
7:17 - Include a riser (reversed downshifter) as a transition and adjust its audio movement to the beat by stretching the sample | Post-processing (KarmaFX Reverb
10:05 - Add background atmosphere with atonal drones (OrilRiver, FabFilter Pro-Q 3, Duck to create a groove, OTT)
13:24 - Add accessory sounds like a foley riser, hits (Fabfilter Pro-Q 3, KarmaFX Reverb)
14:53 - Add a gated hit with reverb (FabFilter Pro-Q 3, Gatekeeper, Fruity Delay 3 with panning)
17:18 - Listen to the finished atmosphere enhanced track (and see Black Marvin dance ;D) that has drive without any leads

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Hey everybody - we hope that you are healthy and safe at home during these crazy times! 😷
Maybe stay creative and give your tracks more life - watch how Black Marvin uses cinematic sound FX to change the energy of a Psytrance track 🎶

Author — Ghosthack


Im glad you are interested in psy trance and use fl studio

Author — alukea


I really love how Black Marvin's videos typically get the Psy drop, instead of the Reese <3

Author — Androponix


Any thoughts about doing the same type of video for logic pro x?

Author — Darin Lewis


this guy is super awkward compared to will

Author — Querpp