Bungee Cord Volleyball!!

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Bungee Cord Volleyball!! 5
Hey guys! In this challenge, we clip into bungee cords and play a game of volleyball!! The problem is, we are connected to the other team! If Joey pulls, Bryan gets pulled aswell! Who do you think will win? Let us know down below!


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💬 Comments on the video

I want to see them play normal volleyball, they would be great

Author — The artsy one


Red Team Misses : awwww big sad
Blue Team Misses : starts yelling at eachother with Italian hand gestures

Author — Blazing Oshawott


Kevin: "You don't say Kevin!'
Bryan: "Should I call you Juan or something?"

Author — Gustav Jansson


Did I blink for too long the score jumped what happend

Author — Ray Vasquez


I think the replay editing is very good.

You should keep that.

Author — Haris Kdar


Me knowing how to play volleyball I am screaming "FOOT FAULT, LIFT, HE HIT THE NET WHAT DO YOU MEAN!!!!"

Author — Kaia Berry


Bobby: (starts intro)
Me: He’s gonna get hit in the face
Brian: (gets hit)

Author — Garbage Guy 21


"There are some electricians in the office today and they are low key roasting each other about the milk they drink, it's pretty funny, Ngl." 😂😂

Author — Chloe Jones


Team edge: the best at changing little games into fun and sometimes weird challenges 😂

Author — LifeasLucy


5:46 is actually the weirdest 5 seconds of volleyball I have ever seen

Author — Andycrazy10


I think j-Fred’s back is broken in the thumbnail

Author — Gary Gamer


I love how they started at a table playing board games, to this. It's amazing

Author — Kim LaHaye


"if you scare someone in a scarr-free zone, you owe them a lunch. Bryan owes a lot of people lunches." 😂😂😂😂😅 2:52

Author — Natalie The Gymnast


Just finished dope or nope in time for team edge. Yay!

Author — sportsfan90


As a volleyball player, I definitely don't recommend doing this at home as being pushed/pulled whilst jumping is extremely dangerous. Team Edge had some collisions and came out unharmed but people can get seriously injured!

Edit: If you wanna try this, sure. But be careful at the net as landing on someone's foot can easely break your ankle.

Author — quinten tielens


5:51 - me in gym when I get caught in between the guys playing basketball 😭😭

Author — Angelina Hanson


*hits the net on every hit and gets the point for it*

*Official rules have left the chat*

Author — SH4N3


"Heres a video youtube knows you havent seen yet"
Points to the video i saw before this

Author — Nicolaj Vangsgaard


Who else just finished watching the Dope or Nope premiere?

Author — AOreo


Bobby: Joey got tugged so hard
Me: 👀👀👀👀 😂😂😂😂 lol my dirty mind

Author — jacqueline penning