Kevin & Madison [+5x16] || Good Stuff by Griff

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What can I say? I'm a sucker for non-endgame ships (I still have hope for them tho).

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This video is beautiful. I still do not understand how they can say that there is no love there, they are for each other. I bet they end up together !!

Author — Carla B.


This was magnificent. I’m in a puddle on the floor, thank you very much. 🥺

I really believe they still will end up together. The writing’s on the wall for them to have a happy ending (not to mention that flirty flash-forward we saw with them). Things just become darkest before the dawn.

Author — AllAboutTheSun


This is so melancholy beautiful. The last part with the instrumental beat gives my heart a burning ache. But I still think they are endgame in the future (I believe it's quite obvious with the flash forward), a total contrast with the present scene just like how Katoby was all happy and then it's revealed she's remarrying. This separation is necessary for Kevin to be certain about his love for Madison without the extra factors, but it's not well-planned with the timeline.

Author — Deryn Duong


They are so perfect together, hope they do end up together

Author — Luke Wilkinson


Great video! I am heartbroken that they didnt marry and Kevin didnt say "I love you" to her. But in a way make sense, because this is the first time that Kevin was dumped. This break up will be the only one that will really matter in the long run. Kevin matured a lot but he still needs to work on himself before he can a good partner to somebody. He still doesnt know what he wants and that is why he gets confused by side comments like Zoe and Nicky . He needs to be alone for a while. It seems that he did the work and he is fine with himself in the flash forward and hopefully he is with Madison.

Author — jenny e


Ok so Madison wears a lot of floral print stuff, tops, dresses, even her mask. And if you look in the season 5 ending scene, the women’s clothes in Kevin’s hotel room have lots of floral print stuff. I swear, they are together in the future.

Author — melanophore


Gosh, this video broke my heart but it's very beautiful. I'm sure they are meant to be and they will end up together in the future. They are perfect for each other!

Author — Elenù


this is incredible!! The most beautiful video I have ever seen. I’m sobbing 😭 Love them together so much ❤️

Author — Dara J.


I can't stop 😢 girl ! this is so POWERFUL ❤️ bravo 👏 #Kevison

Author — Malisa AH


Amazing video love this is us and love your videos check out Sonny and Davis aka Savis on seal team on CBS and you can watch seal team on Amazon prime 😊

Author — semaj debose