Death of a Game: Quake Champions

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Death of a Game: Quake Champions 4.5
The re-death of a game?

Edit: I realize Fatal1ty didn't play Quake Live as much.

#DOAG . Death of a Game is a series dedicated to uncovering the mysteries surrounding the death of a game or company. nerdSlayer defines the term "death" in the context of the show as either... 1. Literally dead. 2. Had a mass exodus of players and never recovered (expectations etc). 3. The company ceased to exist. We follow a timeline of events, to uncover clues concerning why a game or company doesn't do well, and attempt to put it all together at the end for a deduction explaining how or why the game failed based on the evidence gathered.

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With detectives none the wiser as to the next mystery I thought I would drop a clue. It's one of the first and only times there has been an MMO with cars in it :)

Author — N.S.


The business model of "release unfinished barren game with cash shop and close the game if people don't instantly spend loads of money on an unfinished barren game cash shop" should be illegal.

Author — Doctor Proteus


I actually paid $30 for the Champions Pack of this thing.
I deserve the entire clown outfit and more.

On another topic, TotalBiscuit was completely right about one thing: most people who claim that they want arena shooters, ultimately just want to brag on the internet about their "dude so hardcore" internet e-cred. There's been tons of efforts in the last few years to revive arena shooters, every single one failed to even gain traction. Was QC bad? Yes, but there were certainly other entries, or even disregarding that, they could always go back to either Quake Live or Q3A, both of which they laud with praise.
They end up not even playing those titles, bitching in the case of a new entry not being exactly like the afforementioned games, or if it makes one slight change, it's already some casual, "nuFPS pandering" game, and for as long as they continue to do that, arena shooters are still gonna be a thing of the past.

Author — Wizuu


you should do the unreal tournament version from epic since they pretty much dropped the development of that game to focus on fortnite even though the game was amazing

Author — Nyxnik


In 1999 id software: "One thing that will not make it into the game is a character class structure. The team toyed with the idea, but eventually found it to be unworkable in a deathmatch environment." Source: shacknews

Author — Marcin Bortel


Quake 1 was and is fully customizable, using free tools and notepad.
There are new maps and new mods to these days 23 years later.
Enough said.

Author — ChristianIce


Welcome to another episode of:

Bethesda casually releasing a high budget game with no budget and wondering why it's not doing well

Author — VASO


Most bitter "Death of a Game" for me. Game never had a chance thanks to no Server Browser.

Author — Karbinite


tbh I like QC but lack of players makes is hard to start because you're in games with hardcore people that will destroy you instantly.

Author — KoTu


"Yeeah, Quake is back"
aaaand, its gone.

Author — I B


*Mentions they need to infuse Quake with the same they did for Doom. Does the opposite thanks to sucking up to Overwatch*

"But why did our game fail? :("

Author — AzureRoxe


Quake has died more times at this point than some franchises have gotten ENTRIES.

Author — TechnicalTortuga


Arena shooters are like chess. The pieces are supposed to be equal at the start. One wins by improving their movement, aim and teamwork. Having characters with different abilities brings in 'metas' and just kills the game. And how the hell can you not have CTF and community maps from the start. I spent most of 2000-2002 playing Unreal Tournament competitively. Team CTF was just an adrenaline rush, and new maps/mods made casual play interesting. I haven't played a shooter since that was nearly as fun.

Author — Holdem17


I don't think arena shooters are a thing of the past. We're stuck in a cycle with them right now.
Devs announce kickass arena shooter. Devs focus on e-sports. Devs focus on monetization. Optional: Devs are reviving old series bu fundamentally breaking what made it good.

Arena shooters aren't dead. Developers of them have just gotten greedy and incompetent.

Author — TheNecroswanson



I couldn't agree more with that idea. Early Access is NOT FOR mega-publishers. It never was, and never should have been.

Author — SaintRuderic


Doing absolutely nothing: **gets shot**


Author — Michael T


If they just made a mode with no champions then it would be great but the character abilities just frustrate me

Author — MTTaylord


It just never had a proper release. It just kind of come out with no fanfare and that was it

Author — Mitch D


Just what I needed to watch during Quakecon week /cry.

Author — Dan


FYI Rocket Jumping and Srafe Running where in the original Quake :)

Author — Jace