Death of a Game: Quake Champions

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Death of a Game: Quake Champions 5

The re-death of a game?

Edit: I realize Fatal1ty didn't play Quake Live as much.

#DOAG . Death of a Game is a series dedicated to uncovering the mysteries surrounding the death of a game or company. nerdSlayer defines the term "death" in the context of the show as either... 1. Literally dead. 2. Had a mass exodus of players and never recovered (expectations etc). 3. The company ceased to exist. We follow a timeline of events, to uncover clues concerning why a game or company doesn't do well, and attempt to put it all together at the end for a deduction explaining how or why the game failed based on the evidence gathered.

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With detectives none the wiser as to the next mystery I thought I would drop a clue. It's one of the first and only times there has been an MMO with cars in it :)

Author — nerdSlayer Studios


The business model of "release unfinished barren game with cash shop and close the game if people don't instantly spend loads of money on an unfinished barren game cash shop" should be illegal.

Author — Doctor Proteus


tbh I like QC but lack of players makes is hard to start because you're in games with hardcore people that will destroy you instantly.

Author — KoTu


I feel for the Quake community, Bethesda killed my Favorite franchise(Fallout) as well so I know how it feels to see something you love lose its soul.

Author — origin trackz



I couldn't agree more with that idea. Early Access is NOT FOR mega-publishers. It never was, and never should have been.

Author — SaintRuderic


"Yeeah, Quake is back"
aaaand, its gone.

Author — I B


Quake has died more times at this point than some franchises have gotten ENTRIES.

Author — Code Turtle


In 1999 id software: "One thing that will not make it into the game is a character class structure. The team toyed with the idea, but eventually found it to be unworkable in a deathmatch environment." Source: shacknews

Author — Marcin Bortel


*Mentions they need to infuse Quake with the same they did for Doom. Does the opposite thanks to sucking up to Overwatch*

"But why did our game fail? :("

Author — AzureRoxe


best thing about Quake Champions is that it introduced me to Quake Live

Author — CarlsGuy


It’s a shame because this game is genuinely fun to play

Author — Coldmanmoran


Welcome to another episode of:

Bethesda casually releasing a high budget game with no budget and wondering why it's not doing well

Author — KlouN


What Quake was: Moody dark nihilistic monster shooter.
Quake Arena: Every other space marine shooting plasma.

Seriously, just give me a dark Lovecraft shooter.

Author — Jeremy Buxman


The last part of your conclusion was my main reason to stay away from Quake Champions. Lootboxes, XP Potions and stuff like that shouldn't be in a game like this. And an early access/games as a service model just blows. You suck the life out of it before it even really started.
The notion that a competitive Arena Shooter would always fail when done the classic way is just wrong in my opinion. There just isn't a real contender out there that has the marketing budget behind it to sustain a campaign to make it appealing. It's not like Quake 3 wasn't fun for casual players. Watching Arena Shooter matches is certainly exciting.

Author — Rent Blop


I started playing quake in 1996. I became part of the mod community, and was eventually a beta tester for Q3A. The whole point of quake to us back then was the mod and multiplayer. Quake wasn't automatically popular because of it's design. The game became popular when people realised how much more could be tweaked, and how easily it could replace doom and duke 3D at lan parties.

If you care, read up on maps from authors like Eric Sambach with the MunY set of maps (pretty much the foundry for most modern death match map design). Mods too like Painkeep, Quake Rally, Malice, all pieces of history currently being forgotten about, but vastly important to Quake. When QC was first announced, I was excited thinking this stuff would make it's way back! boy I was wrong.

I stopped playing champions late last year when they yet again reset all of our accounts to accommodate a new pricing model. The shell of Quake is still there, but the heart and soul have long since shrivelled up and died. God I miss the community I grew up with :(

Author — kodaloid


"more advanced movement such as strafejumps and rocketjumps" ... these were in quake 2 and quake 1 aswell

Author — HaraldQuake


Quake 1 was and is fully customizable, using free tools and notepad.
There are new maps and new mods to these days 23 years later.
Enough said.

Author — ChristianIce


If you plan to apply to a new crowd by taking an old game that an old crowd loves and the new group hardly ever heared of.. and then try making the old game "newer".. you wont apply to either group.

Author — Cardiz


It was a huge mistake not to allow people to make mods and maps for it.

Author — oåooåo ipip


It just never had a proper release. It just kind of come out with no fanfare and that was it

Author — Mitch