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Shark Tonic Immobility | JONATHAN BIRD'S BLUE WORLD 4.5
In this shark-filled adventure, Jonathan travels to the Bahamas to meet Neal Harvey, a world-renown shark handler who will attempt to teach Jonathan how to put Caribbean Reef sharks into a relaxed state known as tonic immobility!

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💬 Comments on the video

Mum: what are you doing
Me: how to hypnotise a shark

Author — Mufidat Musafau


I wonder what kind of maniac found this out first

Author — Kyro


I'm sitting here on YouTube meanwhile this guy is petting sharks all day

Author — Roach


Not only does this prove how gentle sharks can be it also shows that sharks are not man eating beasts who will eat a human on sight! Its pretty cool how you guys got a male shark to cooperate so well with you too.

Author — SharkLivesMatter


"I got a high off of a human's electrical field today"


Author — Aeredhael Redfalen


10, 000 years from now Sharks will evolve to tell their stories to the younger ones about this and will help us defeat an alien invasion.

Author — staircast


My mom thinks im crazy because I want to do this..

Author — Alexis Tate


Me: I’m petting a cat.
This guy: Hold my shark.

Author — MrGilRoland


I think the happiest job would have something related to animals

and it does!
who on earth don't like animals!

Author — widyasarigaluhp


Well i am crying . He freaking petting sharks i freakin have to go to school

Author — Gabonjana34


So if a shark attacks me just tickle his nose?

Yeah seems legit.

Author — Arisen Leaf comment inspector


It's ironic how his name is bird and he spends most of his time in the ocean.

Author — Venugopalan Nandhakishore


He protecc

He attacc

But most importantly....

He makes the sharks float on their back

Author — Incognito Burrito


dat poor shark at 8:27 thought it was his turn and got disappointed

Author — lucas13flu


Johnathan, I have been afraid of sharks for so long. But this video did not just calm me down, it made me WANT to go get a scuba license and find a place that does something similar to this!

Thank you for flying or boating around the world so we can see things like this!

You’ve changed my life, in a good way.
Thank you, your biggest fan!

Author — Stur It up


The sharks circling and watching
“that’s my best friend doing a nose stand, Go Becky!!”

Next shark in line can’t do it
“Karen try again tomorrow”

Diver “ Next in line please, thank you Diego for volunteering “

Diver “ I’ll be back tomorrow for your free relaxation period”

Author — Kat3lyn F


Awe so cute how the sharks eyes close during the rubs. That is just like a cat indeed. How sweet♡♡♡

Author — You Can Heal


I'll call this guy shark master as soon as he does tonic immobilization successfully on an adult great white shark

Author — ABYSS


Sharks are awesome, i like how their shape resemble a fighter jet and yet they're adorable at the same time

Author — S-666 Marlowe


8:28 -> Shark coming over his left shoulder thinking that piece's for him ... *cue sad piano music* All around me are familiar faces~!

Author — EnigmaDrath