Will It Pasta? Taste Test

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Will It Pasta? Taste Test 5

Today we ask the age old question: Will It Pasta? GMM #1091!

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Bacon may cause trichinellosis when it contains parasites.
The International Commission on trichinellosis was in Mexico in 1996.
Mexico contains the State of Mexico.
Toluca is the capital of the State of Mexico.
Toluca is where PT Cruisers are assembled.

Author — Jeannie Mode


They should make a cookbook of all the foods they liked

Author — Erin Dawe


Link: The Dorito pasta is too bland. *2 minutes later eating paper pasta* I like bland things.

Author — Lady White Rabbit


Rhett and link will drink each others urine but NEED to make sure chase washed his hands before touchin' their Doritos

Author — River Knott


Today we ask the age old question, ...

What am I doing with my life?

Author — Nephalem


"Right" in German is " Recht"
"Left" in German is "Links"

Rhett sits on the right, Link sits on the left

Let's talk about that

Author — Fatma Mohammed AbdulRab


It really genuinely bugged me that Link said “floppy tarts” and missed the clear opportunity for “flop tarts”

Author — Ethan McKinney


how is there no one talking about how cute it was at 2:57 when Link saw Rhett about to eat his noodles without dinking it first and said “oh..you gonna dink it first?” in his soft lil voice

Author — ky nicole


Sometimes link sounds like the skinny alien thing from lilo and stitch

Author — BQueen


11:36 is the most legit "NO NO NO!" i've ever heard XD

Author — Jawunleashed


Rhett: we just had the most beautiful pasta creation we've ever had, and you crapped all over the Doritos pasta
Link: no I didn't!
Rhett: iT's NoT aS StRoNg aS I ThOuGhT iT wOuLd Be

Author — Kaitlyn J.


"eets nut as strong as eye thought eet wood be"

Author — Emma Campbell


When Rhett sarcastically quoted Link "It's not as strong as I thought it would be". That moment killed me.

Author — Lord Ashemar


That was hilarious Link is comforting himself by hugging himself.

Author — Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM


please have a will it episode with Gordon Ramsey

Author — Aidz Cabrera


So when is the cookbook compilation of every successful will it combination coming out?

Author — Jenny Eaton


"i like bland foods" (literally seconds before that ) "i was expecting more flavour" wtf link

Author — Sabrina Qualls


Note to self. Don’t eat while watching any “will it” videos.

Author — Adam Maes


I just want to tell link I love wrestling and I love the shirt that he's wearing rest in peace Paul Bearer

Author — N.E.S.


They should have Gordon Ramsay on for an episode of Will It.

Author — artawesome30