7 Editing Tips That Are Simple And Beautiful

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7 Editing Tips That Are Simple And Beautiful 5
Things you can do to take film editing to the next level.

1. Don't Cut... Build
2. Say Dog... See Dog
4. Look Here
5. Don't Tip Your Hand
6. Watch The Eyes
7. Trust Your Gut


This Guy is Sven, an A.C.E. Award nominee who cut for James Cameron, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and James Franco.


My absolute favorite Film Editing Book is...


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My personal tip: If your are cuting to the beat of a soundtrack, like a video clip... Cut one to two frames before the audio peaks.

Our brains need more time to undertand images than sounds, if you give this extra time for your brain to understand the shot than hear the beat, it will feel more in sync.

Author — Kapa51Productions


Sometime ago I've heard a tip from a video editing teacher in polish film school that you shouldn't always match audio and video because it becomes a children illustrated book. You say dog - you show dog.

Author — Marsin Ka


"In the Blink of an Eye" is a fascinating book. He walks through how he edited Apocalypse Now.

Great video. Thanks

Author — Fists Up!


Get in late leave early is a great rule of thumb - when you first posted a video about this technique early in the Flesh & Blood edit, a lot of FB reaction was along the lines of "what about Tarantino/Pulp Fiction" to which of course the answer is - well he is a unique talent/learn the "rule" then break it/exception to every guiding principle (i.e there are no rules, just principles). Having endured the Hateful Eight last year, I think he overextended himself - pity, it looked amazing.

Author — SilverBrook


I have been wondering lately why it seems that you can always see actors eyes in most scenes they do. I've read "In The Blink of an Eye", I've watch several interviews with Walter Murch, but it never dawned on me until watching his comment on this. Actors eyes are so prominent not just because the director and editor want them to be, but because we rarely see them blink. Another light bulb moment. :)

Author — HitechProductions


I just moved to LA for pursue my career in post production, so i was looking for some training and went to Moviola.com and they had one of your videos on there, so ive been binge watching most of your videos. Very helpful, thanks!

Author — Liquid Shape Entertainment


"What we see and what we hear should be one." Godard would disagree. :D :D

Author — László Szalóki


It's useful techniques, even for YTPs.

Author — strydom666


What editing software do you recommend? Ive "grown" out of my old cheap version.

Author — Fjäll


These editing tips really helped me to take my short film to the next level. Thank you very much.

Author — Zach Mecham


1:38 Yooo he lowkey shouted out @tingtingASMR !!!

Author — Audric Ma


Excellent, as always. I feel like your point about video and audio making sense together is something that's lost on amateur filmmakers, like myself. Sometimes that can allow the story to seem more confusing than it should be. I've seen a number of short films (and made a number of them) that are afraid to show us everything that's going on because they want to have a grand reveal. Not every film needs that. Most of the time, you want your audience to know exactly how the character feels because that's how we build empathy and connect to characters.

Author — Robbie Ruviews


Love editing and Walter Murch book is a MUST for me, from the moment I read that book.

Author — M G


Love the info and insight. Hate the background music. It's good for emotion but it's irritating and distracts from your points.

Author — Medea Sin


EVERYTHING'S sponsored by Squarespace...

Author — Director Kid


What I would give to sit and shadow you in the editing room for a day. I'm trying to figure out how to form a workflow, and have absolutely no clue where to start.

Author — Jes Ewers


Hey, thanks for this! This is very helpful for my film projects! I look forward to seeing more of your videos! You just earned a new subscriber! :)

Author — Julian Schecter


This video is so on point! This is the first time I waited to watch the squarespace ad.

Author — Ayoola Boyejo


Do you find the golden moments after you had watched the footage twice or during?

Author — Matthew Nguyen


Thumbnail : known face with eyes looking at you... I suppose it worked!

Author — Camera Addiction