Alright - LRP Feat. Phillip Ballou (1986 -1989)

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This song was born at the house of Khalis Bayyan (Kool & The Gang) together with him.
Because Kool & The Gang were not interested for themselves, which I can understand, I decided coming back to The Netherlands to continue on this song.
I soon found out that a developing star in Europe by the name of 'Forrest' (Thomas) was interested in having a fresh song after having hits with songs like 'Rock The Boat' and others.
Right after the start, doing a demo in The Brittannia Studios in Hilversum, the publishing company of Forrest visited the studio and we got in a fight, because they doubted if it was my song and were not informed about it by Forrest's manager at the time, as I understood.
Anyway, ... I decided to quit, packed my guitar and left.
End of the story from my side
Years later I started the LRP-project, my own project.
This was the result, though I had too little time to spend on mixing and going through all information that was on tape.
During the mix in The House Of Music in New Jersey the automation broke down and that cost me two days of the three I took out for it.
There is a lot more interesting information on the 2 times 2 inch 24-track tapes (48-tracks in total)
Interesting for the future maybe, .....if the tapes are still playable after such a long time.
If you like what you hear, let me know.
I am looking for people to re-do it, so maybe we can discuss this.
All material that I wrote and co-wrote, is all registered on the names of the ones that composed the songs, so all of you out there that I wrote with , have your protection too.

Love & Peace, .....Leslie Riel.

(All music is registered at SABAM/Belgium)