How Qatar Is Transformed For The 2022 World Cup & $45 Billion Metropolis To Be built From Scratch

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How Qatar Is Transformed For The 2022 World Cup & $45 Billion Metropolis To Be built From Scratch 4.5
How Qatar Is Transformed For The 2022 World Cup & $45 Billion Metropolis To Be built From Scratch

In its bid to become the tourist destination of the future, and specifically of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the oil-rich nation of Qatar has gone all out on its development plans to impress visitors .
No expenses have been spared in ensuring that Doha become the must-visit city of the future.

Although the recent growth of the tourism industry in Qatar has been robust, it will be difficult for the country to achieve the level of visitor growth which will garner enough demand to support a 400 per cent expansion in the number of hotel rooms in eight years.

Amphibious 100 Resort

For those looking for a truly memorable hotel stay during the upcoming World Cup, look no further than this amphibious development, complete with underwater rooms and an interactive marine life museum in the lobby.

And with a price tag of about £310million to build, you better believe that such a stay won't come cheap.

The project, which will be built in the middle of a sea reserve, will be comprised of four giant hotels, which resemble superyachts.

Designed to look like a giant octopus, the resort has 'arm' walkways leading out to pod-like suites.

Each of the jellyfish-inspired pods are designed to stretch out over four floors and include an underwater observatory area and a lounge.

Hamad Internatonal airport

First impressions matter, and when guests step off the plane and into Doha's Hamad International Airport, they will experience a nice and luxurious arrival and departure experience.

But the world's most over-the-top airport, Doha's Hamad International has taken extravagance to the next level.

There are gold-plated coffee kiosks, a life-size replica Formula One car and a sleek hotel offering VIP travellers use of its Presidential Suite for three-hour layovers.

A mini art gallery has been designed to entertain culture vultures, while the business class lounge measures a huge 33,000 square feet.

There are also a bevy of high-end stores available for discerning shoppers - everything from Armani to Chanel to Hermes - and over 80 different restaurant options.

Not only are there shower rooms, 'quiet rooms,' meeting rooms, and several restaurants, there's even a children's play room with a full-size replica of a Formula One racing car.

Head beyond security and you'll find a luxury hotel, complete with suites for relaxation for travellers who don't feel the need to ever leave the comfort of the terminal.

The gigantic 1,400-square foot Presidential Suite is of particular note, and to suit quick layovers, can be rented out for as little as three hours.

There's also a restaurant and fitness centre, complete with a spa-inspired indoor pool that overlooks the departing and arriving planes.

The Silver Pearl Hotel

A deluxe hotel resembling two half moons on the horizon will be built a mile off the coast of Doha in Qatar at a cost of just over £1billion.

The Silver Pearl Hotel, designed by New York-based firm M. Castedo Architects, is set to have more than 1000 rooms and an adjoining expo centre, has been scheduled for completion ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

But most stunning will be its stainless steal and glass exterior, which will reflect in the ocean to sparkle like a pearl at night.


And when it comes to the matches themselves, it's no surprise that those involved will also experience a luxury sporting experience.

Of the twelve stadiums, located in and around the seven host areas, nine will be newly built, while three will undergo intensive renovations.

After the Cup, Qatar plans to dismantle parts of the stadiums and send them to developing countries to be rebuilt into 22 new stadiums.

Lusail City

The city of Lusail is scheduled to host the World Cup opening ceremony and the final match of the tournament, provided that it's stadium is completed on time, of course.

The 86,000-seat stadium, is currently in development, along with the rest of the city, which is projected to cost about USD$45billion (£28.8billion) to build.

Built from scratch on the desert coast, about nine miles from Doha's centre, the 28-square mile city will soon be home to a quarter of a million residents.

Not only that, but the development will also be capable of hosting thousands more at its many luxury hotels.

Formed by four islands, Lusail will include two marinas, a massive canyon-inspired Marina Mall, scheduled to open in 2017, and a 241-acre Entertainment City.

The Entertainment City area will include attractions such as a giraffe zoo, snow park and Six Flags amusement park.

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