top-5 Massive landslide Caught on Camera

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top-5 Massive landslide Caught on Camera 4.5
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Most Shocking landslides ..

Note: This video doesn't contain danger activities or injures all people are on a safe distance and no one is injured in these specific clips.

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Author — TheRoyal TV


No one :
Everyone in the comment section : talk as if nature is a female character in Indian

Author — Soumith Reddy


Mother nature, da World's biggest escovater beats any JCB, 😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣

Author — Trebor


8:30 holy shit, where was that? Scary as hell

Author — Guamparrapo83


0:26 turn down the volume of your speakers

Author — menatwar


Title " top 5 massive landslide"
3 mins into the video, 15 massive landslides already

Author — Dark Falcon


Humans: Maybe we can build roads here, for transportation and trav-

Land: no

Author — Salt Boat


I would like to talk to the guy that set up the road block at 4:00.

Author — brian15571


When earth reminds virus humanity who's in charge.

Author — WhoDat


1:03 : When the "falling rocks" sign becomes laughingly cynical...

Author — Schwertfisch13


3:02 BIG FOOT running scared.... I don't blame him.

Author — Camaro69 Green


This is what happens when you don’t treat mother nature right

Author — Michael Jackson Reborn


The one with the whole side of the mountain sliding down was Mt.St. Helens just before it blew.

Author — pyrotechnic5254


Is here anyone beacause of keralaflood 2019(kavalappara)

Author — nandu kuttan


1:40 *Sends the video to boss* This is why I'm late today.

Author — Firesgone


This iz wat one day for sure iz going to happen n that iz called khiyamath in islam means the end day of world bcuz of our sins one day Allah gonna destroy this world so plz live a proper lyf hv fear in ur heart bout Allah n death ❤️

Author — Ayesha Mujeeb


WTF is wrong with these people, Its snapping thick trees like toothpicks and there just standing there watching it really close. You wouldnt find me anywhere near a potential landslide... I canceled a trip up the Rockies cause the road i had to drive up had a warning of one and guess what same day i was supposed to go it took out 200 feet of road like it was never there.

Author — Matt Roth


If there are times when you have to run, this is surely one, how they stayed and looked on still baffled me. Honestly!

Author — Kunle Amuda


"Hey, something dramatic is happening...Since I'm a woman, I guess I'll just scream!"

Author — MrStimpage


Whatever happens, humans will still be recording there own death..

Author — Prasad Deshmukh