Common sense quiz I Funny and ignorant Americans (E41)

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Common sense quiz I Funny and ignorant Americans (E41) 5

Common sense quiz I Funny and ignorant Americans (E41)
1. Who invented electricity?
2. How many time zones are there?
3. What country is Canada in?
4. What country is that?
5. How many continents are there?
6. Which is the fastest land animal?
7. The six-day war Israel drilled the Egyptian army from what Middle Eastern Peninsula?
8. Name one country that starts with the letter U?
9. Can you name five Jennifer Lawrence's movies?
10. What's the hardest mineral mineral?
11. Which planet is closest to the Sun?
12. How many sides does a trapezoid have?
13. Named Emily, Charlotte and Ann, what literary sisters
published their first book in 1846, but sold only two copies?
14. According to a US government survey Bengali and Hindi are two of the world's eight most widely spoken languages name five of the remaining six?
15. How many states made up the United States
before Alaska and Hawaii?
16. How many stars are there on the United States flag?
17. How many pints are in a gallon?
18. What's the capital of New York?
19. A squared plus B squared equals C squared is known as what?
20. Members of the order of "chiroptera" what are the only mammals capable of true flight?
21. How many faces are on a cylinder?
22. How many months are in a year that has 31?
22. What's the total number of dots on a pair of dice?
23. Sadly VHS technology is a dying breed. VHS is an abbreviation for what?
24. What is the plural of the word mousse?
25. Name all the numbers from 1 to 100 which have the letter A in their Spelling's?
26. How much is 14 times 5?

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💬 Comments on the video

The title instantly made me think 'Uganda'

Author — Glorious Gal


"What is the hardest mineral?"

tbh, he's not wrong

Author — Lila Wilburne


"Name this country"

**Several people are typing...**

Author — Brayden Enright


First thought: Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Uganda, Uruguay

A minute later: US, UK, United Arab Emirates

Author — Jessie Peng


"How many sides does a trapezoid have"
*draws a trapezoid with his hands, clearly showing it has four sides*

Author — Nisoe


Nobody "invented" electricity. What kind of idiotic question is that?

Author — Vernon Willis


Actually there are more than 24 timezones. Some countries shift their time zone by a half hour to be different than their neighbor.

Author — Lee Lauer


Everyone is sayin USA as country that starts with u

I literally said "Uruguay" lol

Author — Simone Mastroianni


Captain America doesn't even recognize the country he serves, what a living paradox.

Author — Lucas Cho


“Is Yugoslavia a country”
Not only does it not exist anymore, it starts with a y

Author — C. G.


The electricity wasn't invented, it was discovered, so from the christian point of view (I'm not a religious person btw), his awnser it's correct

Author — New Tortugayshion


These so called common sense answers were sometimes wrong.

* There are 37 time zones, not 24
*That's not the USA. (Alaska and Hawaii are missing)
*8 continents (Zelandia discovered 2020 so I'll give them a break)
*Nobody "invented" electricity (someone discovered it, and someone else discovered how to control it.)

Author — A M


Who "invented" electricity, stupid question, I believe it was "discovered", but maybe it's the same guy who "invented" gravity.
Because that guy needs to be sued, he's caused a lot of damage.

Author — Ray Caster


The very first person's answer's was actually sarcastic, who INVENTED Electricity?! nobody!!! Electricity was DISCOVERED not invented, there's a difference.

Author — Sixpounder Bo


What does naming Jennifer Lawrence movies have to do with common sense?

Author — Daniel Barrasso


"Common sense"
"Jennifer movies."

Author — Tempo9


when i was little we used to play this game called “stop” and we wrote 5 columns on paper 2.color 4.fruit and 5.animal
someone would say the alphabet outloud and once someone says STOP the first to finish up w the letter it stopped on and got all of them correct won.
Try it during these hard times w ur friends if ur not in school or whatever its a great way to exercise the mind!!!

Author — tokyo babe


I cant even say 1 Jennifer Lawrence movie

Author — rpk


Im suprised that guy heard for Yugoslavia.

Author — ОгиСРБ


“How many sides does a trapezoid have?”
Guy: 7
“7 sides?”
Guy: Oh, uh, *draws four sides*
oh F I V E S I D E S

Author — C A